Interpretation Services Can Be Provided Without the Physical Presence of an On-Site Interpreter:

Interpretation services are invaluable resources used to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps in various settings. Oftentimes, for simple exchanges or in emergency situations, on-site interpretation is not needed or there is not enough time to wait on an interpreter to arrive. Remote interpretation services such as over-the-phone (OPI) interpretation and video remote interpreting (VRI) are language services used to ensure effective communication is facilitated without the physical presence of an interpreter. OPI is best used for when short conversations need to take place or simple questions need to be asked. Perhaps a doctors office needs to call a non-English speaking patient to confirm an appointment or provide test results. VRI is an innovative language service that marries the benefits of on-site interpretation with the on-demand nature of OPI. VRI keeps audio as well as visual aspects of an interpretation intact, allowing it to be used as for sign language interpretation as well. There are many benefits associated with both OPI and VRI, both remote interpretation services provide solutions in order to create understanding and transparency regardless of present language barriers.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) and Over-the-Phone (OPI) Interpretation Are Cost Effective:

Both VRI as well as OPI are extremely cost effective language solutions that reduce spending on additional costs sometimes associated with on-site interpretation. You only pay for the time spent with the interpreter and both services are charged by the minute. In many instances where short conversations need to take place or there is no time to enlist the aid of an on-site interpreter, OPI or VRI can assist in providing professional interpretation services in a cost effective manner.

VRI and OPI Can Be Pre-scheduled or On-Demand:

Both VRI and OPI remote interpretation services can be pre-scheduled or used on-demand with little to no wait times. In cases where there’s an emergency and an interpreter needs to be contacted immediately, remote interpretation services can connect you with the interpreter you need in order to ensure communication is able to take place. Not only can you access interpreters promptly and with ease, you are able to be connected with an interpreter who is experienced and knowledgeable regarding your specific subject matter.

Your Location or Required Language and Dialect Are Never a Concern:

Due to the fact you’re connecting with interpreters via telephone or internet, your location is not a factor in accessing remote interpretation services. Just because a region has geographic limitations doesn’t mean they do not have a linguistically diverse population. Both VRI and OPI allow interpretation services to be provided to the people who depend on them regardless of their location. Since users are connecting remotely through the aid of technology, you will always be able to find an interpreter that fits your language needs.

Remote Interpretation Services Promote Growth by Developing Efficiency in the Workplace:

Due to the increase in diversity within our population, people in all industries are dealing with language barriers on a regular basis. Interacting with non-English speaking clients or patients can be made easy by incorporating the use of remote interpretation services. Having the option to connect with an interpreter remotely helps to reduce stress and increase production and workflow. Having reliable solutions that aid businesses, organizations or facilities in combating the negative effects associated with language barriers is a great way to ensure you are able to provide services and interact with people regardless of the language they speak.

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