Reach Diverse Audiences Seamlessly Through Website Localization:

Developing a successful business in this day and age requires stepping outside of the box and welcoming website localization as a modern marketing tactic. We live in an incredibly connected world, people can interact seamlessly via the internet, despite being located on opposite ends of the globe. The internet is allowing consumers to buy products from all over the world and ecommerce sites are taking full advantage of being able to reach diverse consumer audiences through website localization. Website localization provides shoppers with the option of reading content on your website in their native language. It adjusts all aspects of the website in order to thrive just as well as the original site in a different language and culture. Only 26% of the world’s internet population operates in English, this is why businesses are expanding by means of website localization in order to attract diverse consumer markets online.

People Prefer to Shop Online in Their Own Language:

Common Sense Advisory surveyed 3,002 online shoppers, spanning across 10 countries to find, 60% rarely or never buy products or services from websites who only provide content in English. The research assessed online language preferences and their impact on purchasing decisions. Factors included nationality, English-language proficiency, global brand recognition, and the ability to conduct transactions in local currencies were included in the study as well.

Statistics from the CSA Survey:

  • 72.4% of online shoppers prefer to buy products in their native language.
  • 30% of the 3,002 respondents never buy from English-language only sites, and another 29% rarely do.
  • Exactly half of the shoppers surveyed prefer that at least the navigation elements and some content appear in their language, and another 17% strongly share that preference.

Donald DePalma, Chief Strategist and Founder at CSA concluded, “Considering the data from our survey, there should be no question about localizing your website and product information if you want to sell more goods or services to global customers.” He also stated, “Localization improves customer experience and increases engagement in the brand dialogue. It should be a rigorously planned and executed business strategy for any company looking to grow internationally.”

The European Commission collaborated with Common Sense Advisory to conduct a study to survey language preferences of internet users in 23 E.U. countries, the following was noted:

  • 9 out of 10 internet users said when given the option, they will always choose to view sites with content provided in their native language.
  • 19%, 1 in 5 people said they never look through a site that does not provide content in their native language.
  • 42% of people polled said they never buy products where the information is only provided in a language other than their own.
  • 44% of the respondents strongly agreed that they missed interesting information because websites were not available in a language they understood.

Website Localization is a Key Component to a Successful International Business Expansion:

Website localization offers many advantages for businesses wanting to expand internationally and gain global brand awareness. Gaining access to global consumers increases your market share and gives your business a competitive edge. Creating a multilingual site allows diverse audiences the ability to feel at ease navigating, reading and making purchases. Providing people the option of reading content in their native language lets customers feel as though accommodations have been made to obtain their business. Providing a great customer experience leads to return customers who in turn organically provide word of mouth marketing to other potential customers. If you’re ready to expand your business internationally, it’s time to hire a professional language service company (LSC). A LSC can help your business target diverse markets and appropriately appeal to their senses in a positive and well received manner through website localization.

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