Are you trying to expand your business by branching out overseas? Having trouble with the fact that the country you plan to expand your business in doesn’t understand your language? A language barrier can become a serious obstacle in your integration into a new country. Avoid all of the potential problems by hiring a professional translation company to help you.

Tips to Effectively Expand Your Business Overseas

Let’s say your company is going to expand into Vietnam, and the language barrier may just kill the deal before it even gets off the ground. Your company needs document translation services to translate vital documents from English to Vietnamese. Here are some translation tips to consider, before you expand:

Plan Beforehand

The language barrier is vast and it will be difficult to translate important documents quickly and accurately if you have no established relationship with a professional company. What should you do? Have someone on your team inquire about professional document translation services with a reputable, experienced company. The sooner you establish a relationship with a reliable partner company, the sooner you will be doing business in your new country’s language.

Obtain Control

Have your company consider producing and maintaining an in-house dictionary of commonly used terms. An in-house dictionary of terminology is useful for translating various documents in the future, particularly in industries with specialized jargon. Translators prefer working with businesses that can provide them with an in-house dictionary of terms as it makes their work and the company’s work more efficient.


Be prepared to give accurate information to translators regarding the language(s) being translated into. Since the spelling of some words may differ from one another in some countries. For instance, in British English the word center is spelled centre; even though they are both English. It is important that words be translated accurately as sometimes the whole meaning of a sentence can change from a misspelled word.

Plan Your Time

In order for document translation services to produce quality documents, they need to be given the appropriate amount of turnaround time. Your business should prepare documents prior to handing the documents over to be translated. Be sure to accurately estimate your deadline in order to give the document translation services an accurate timeline to produce the translated documents at the highest quality possible.

Document translation services can save a company a lot of time and headaches by facilitating easier communication regarding a company’s plan to establish their corporation in another country. In addition, a professional translation company provides corporations with a variety of languages to use as they need them, which can result in cost savings in addition to higher efficiency.

International business needs can range in languages from Korean to Hindi to Russian, and everything in between including Thai, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese. A professional, multidisciplinary translation company should have departments capable of translating any of these languages with a variety of legal documents, business contracts, medical documents, sales campaigns, and audio transcriptions.

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