The health care field is a unique industry with its own terminology, procedures, and protocols. Additionally, when you are dealing with a person’s health and potentially life or death situations, things can escalate quickly. Add in a language barrier and you have a recipe for a delicate situation. Although there are a number of qualified interpreters in the medical field, it is best to seek a medically certified interpreter who can meet your needs and who has been evaluated by a national standard to ensure they are able to perform quality work. Here are some specific reasons to work with a medically certified interpreter:

They Understand the Terminology
A medically certified interpreter is trained on and tested in their knowledge of medical terminology. Additionally, they are familiar not only with terminology in their native language, but also their source language. This ensures they clearly communicate every word, procedure, test, and diagnosis with accuracy. The medical field is rapidly changing, and testing, medical treatments, and even condition names change and develop on a regular basis. When it comes down to it, you need someone that is capable of understanding the complexities of the industry verbiage. A medically certified interpreter is essential in life threatening situations where medical matters are at stake.

The Know the Details
When speaking to someone in your own language, you are likely to notice various changes in body language as a conversation develops; the way their hold their body positioning, their tone of voice, and their level of eye contact. When you add in a language barrier, this adds another level of complexity to the communication. Medically certified interpreters are trained to pick up on the details like tone, choice of words, and body language. They strive to ensure that the communication is understood and that any cultural influences are clarified and resolved so as not to inhibit the flow of communication.

They Have Extensive Training
In a medical emergency, would you prefer a resident or an experience doctor? Odds are, most of us would feel better having someone who is credentialed and experienced dictating their medical care. This is the same for interpreters who work in the health care field vs. medically certified interpreters. Of course they both have skill, and they both can do the job, but when you really want to be secure it’s always best to choose the certified professional. Medically certified interpreters have years of experience, training, and continuing education which prepares them for the daily challenges of interpreting in the medical field.

If you are in need of a medically certified interpreter, call Niki’s Int’l Ltd. today. We screen, background check, and verify all of our interpreters’ credentials to ensure that you are receiving exactly what you need.

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