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If you are an entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. Starting a business is extremely complex and time consuming. Entrepreneurs that target international markets or foreign clients have an added layer of difficulty given the language barrier. If you are trying to get your company off the ground and also communicate to clients in a foreign language, then you should turn to a quality language service provider who can help take the stress out of your language needs. Partner with a professional language service provider who can help you:

Form Your Image and Reputation
When a business is first starting out, it is extremely fragile—costly mistakes in the beginning can set the tone for problems down the road. It is necessary to build a strong foundation for your image and reputation that will not only attract new customers, but also convert them into long-term clients. The inability to communicate effectively in your clients’ language can do large amounts of damage to your young company. By working with a reputable language service company, such as Niki’s In’tl Ltd., you can be sure that your message is clear in any language.

Reach a Multitude of Clients
Language services can also help you expand your customer base by reaching consumers that previously were unable to understand your message. Whether it’s reaching a new market abroad, or a specific local demographic, a professional translation and interpretation provider can be your greatest ally in expanding your advertising efforts. Whether you need the ability to translate content in more than one language, speak with foreign vendors to manufacture your products, or localize your website to reach a new market, the right language service provider can help you build your business and client base.

Prevent Costly Mishaps
Not only can poor translations  wreak havoc on an international marketing campaign, not having a professional linguist for an important meeting can be just as damaging. When you are an entrepreneur running a business, you take great care to avoid making a mistake that will jeopardize your company. Ensure that your message is clear and effective by working with a professional language service provider, and give yourself piece of mind that your language needs will never create a mishap for your business.


A professional language service provider facilitates communication to ensure the accurate exchange of ideas and information across multiple languages. These services can help you expand your client base and ensure your brand image as you globalize your company. Researching the right language partner is an important first step in building a long standing relationship with someone you trust.

For nearly 20 years, Niki’s Int’l Ltd. has provided language solutions to companies in various industries across the globe. A 24/7 language service provider with over 350 languages available, and named to Inc. Magazine’s 2015 5000 fastest growing privately-owned American companies, Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a professional agency that you can count on for all of your language needs.

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