Technology is Powering a New Generation:

August 6th, 1991 we were introduced to the internet and the world as we know it has never been the same. Since the global phenomenon known as the world wide web spread and became available pretty much everywhere, people began to create ways in which the advanced technology could aid them in their jobs or make them money. In the language service industry, technology has paved the way for services such as video remote interpretation (VRI) to be utilized in hospitals and medical facilities far and wide. This much needed interpretation service is now more readily available than ever to the people who desperately need to communicate in medical settings. The language service industry is jumping on board with technological advancements, thus adapting communication solutions to be provided through the aid of technology. Often times, language barriers result in poor understanding on the limited English proficient (LEP) patient’s part regarding diagnosis, treatment, follow up care and medication instructions. This puts the individual at a higher risk of poor patient care and potentially serious complications.

On a fundamental level, the use of the internet allows medical facilities to find interpreters and it also allows interpreters to find work in the medical field quite easily. Documents and information can be emailed for review prior to the interpretation session, in a matter of seconds. The internet allows interpreters to work more efficiently and it opens doors for more working opportunities emerging across the world through the use of various technologically driven language solutions. “(VRI) Video Remote Interpreting is the Language Solution for Remote Regions and Low Demand Languages,” explains how VRI is revolutionizing the language industry, it’s modernized technological advantages provide features and benefits that other interpretation services can’t, making it the most convenient and up-and-coming solution for language service providers to offer the medical industry. Caring for the millions of people in America who speak little or no English, poses huge challenges for healthcare providers and providing cost effective and time saving language solutions, aided by technology, is what the language service industry has accomplished.

The Advantages Telecommunication Software Has Provided the Language Service Industry: (VRI Saves Time and Money)

In regards to the language service, video remote interpretation (VRI), the concept of anytime-anywhere really holds true. VRI is a video telecommunication service that utilizes a sophisticated web-based platform to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services. VRI services can be accessed using a computer, tablet or smartphone, making the service accessible to anyone, anywhere. VRI is offered as an on-demand service and you can be connected to an interpreter who fits your specific language needs within five minutes or less. VRI drastically decreases wait times for patients facing language barriers, because they’re not waiting for an interpreter to be contacted as well as the time it takes for the interpreter to arrive on-site. Money spent on interpretation services decreases through the use of VRI. When using an on-site interpreter, you must pay for the time spent with the interpreter (there normally is a time minimum) as well as the mileage and gas used by the interpreter in order to get to the site. Initially a medical facility will need to invest in the set up for VRI, but once the setup is acquired, the expense is paid for. The equipment is user-friendly and in most cases small and mobile so that it can be moved from room to room as needed.  

The language service industry is meeting increasing demands more swiftly and reliably, and VRI is a factor that’s key in obtaining the best medical results for LEP patients in this day and age. VRI allows people to be paired with the best fit for their interpretation needs, regardless of location, language or dialect needed. Telecommunication technology allows interpreters the luxury of not losing the visual aspects of an interpretation session such as facial expressions and body language. These are important and taken into account during a professional interpretation session and this technology enables thorough service despite being remote. Patients no longer have to make decisions based on possibly inaccurate or incomplete information, because the tools the world uses to communicate are changing and are becoming more accessible and accommodating. No longer must providers and LEP patients endure long waits for an appropriate interpreter to be contacted and arrive on site or when there is little time to be wasted. Technology has helped to improve patient satisfaction and prevent potentially dangerous outcomes in medical settings caused by language barriers commonly faced in in America.

There are clear advantages to this technology and it’s saving lives that are at risk of receiving less than superior care due to present language barriers. “Video Remote Interpreting is Extremely Cost Effective While Providing Pristine Communication for your Patients,” explains how the implementation of VRI equipment and the utilization of the service can significantly aid in medical care provided to LEP patients. Technology is thoroughly changing the way medical facilities as well as individuals meet, interact and share information, and in this connected world, devices communicate seamlessly, simply, and instantly. Taking advantage of these advancements in order to better care for LEP patients is the wave of the future and will soon be a norm in medical facilities everywhere.  

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