Every day more countries open their doors to foreign trade. Overseas expansion has become a competitive necessity for even the smallest business owners. A large number of businesses and corporations thrive not only off the business they bring in from their native country, but also from the partnerships they form with their neighboring countries. While business growth due to globalization is undeniable, there is one barrier that has the potential to severely handicap a company in this arena – the language barrier. Communication is key in any business and there are two key benefits in using the services of a professional language translator:

Increase Volume of Consumers Reached

When expanding your business overseas, you probably expect language barriers will cause some problems. How will your customers understand your product? Will they be able to connect to the full meaning behind the product you are trying to put on the market? Thanks to language translators, you can easily overcome any language barrier in a new country. Professional translators make it possible to emotionally connect to your audience through advertising translation, website localization, and specialized services such as transcreation. Transcreation is a unique language service that calls for a translation team (including translators, graphic designers, and native copy writers) to create content and ad copy in the language of the target audience. This allows translators to go beyond standard marketing translation and deliver a completely localized message to your potential clients.

Translate Business Objectives for Foreign Investors

It can be difficult to do business with foreign investors or potential business partners when you are unable to speak their native tongue, and vice versa. Translators can bridge this gap between you and your client, using their linguistic knowledge to relay your message, so that your business plan and contracts are clearly understood. Whether it involves a professional translation of your entire business presentation, or an interpreter joining you for dinner with the president of your newest investing partner, language translators and interpreters are a necessary factor to the success of any international business operation.

Language translators have proven themselves as necessary members of any global business team. Without the help of a professional translator and/or interpreter, you may find yourself limited in areas that are essential to your company’s global success.

Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise with 20 years of language service experience. A global network of highly skilled interpreters is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-site and telephonic interpretation services, document translation services, and website localization. Our linguists are available in over 350 languages and dialects, and our network includes certified legal and medical interpreters and translators. Our work is guaranteed with a $1 Million Errors & Omissions policy, so that you can be confident that your project will be completed with the highest level of quality and professionalism within the field.  For more information contact us at 1-877-567-8449 or visit our website at


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