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When it comes to translation services, there is nothing more important than the accuracy of the translator’s work. One of the main reasons is because whenever someone hires a translator, they are doing so with full confidence that the end result will be an accurate, translated copy from the original document. The client depends on this fact in order to go to court, close a business deal, or launch a new business abroad – and any mistake could have catastrophic consequences. Below are some other reasons why a translator takes accuracy extremely seriously:

People Depend on It
When a company hires a translator or translation company, it is for documents that must be read and understood by a multitude of audiences in different cultures. The project could be a contract to hire 300 workers in a new plant, or a merger document that will create a new market giant. Whatever the project, it will undoubtedly affect many people and personally and professionally. If a translator churns out a final document that is not translated correctly, it could cost the company new revenue, results in loss of employees, loss of steady revenue, and even damage the value of the brand.

For example, let’s assume that a company needs to translate a contract for a foreign partner to sign and start a business deal. If the translator does not translate the contract accurately, the receiving party does not know what they are actually signing. If the document has many errors, this could lead to an expensive, legal ordeal that could spell disaster for both parties.

Clients Pay for Quality
Every client uses a translation service does so with the good faith of believing that they are receiving a document that is translated accurately and will accomplish everything that client needs. Clients pay for and deserve quality – but if a translator returns a project that has accuracy issues, that is the opposite of quality. The client has lost time and money, and may even have to pay more to another translator to proofread and correct the document. Failure to be accurate in this situation creates problems for the client and ultimately results in a lost client for a translator.

Reputation is everything for a company. If a translation service gets the reputation of being unable to accurately translate documents, chances are that the translation service is going to experience a significant dip in business if not close altogether. For clients, presenting a document as a quality translation when in fact the translation is lacking can results in serious damage to the client’s reputation. Companies spend years building their reputation, and trusting their translation projects to an inaccurate translator can result in that reputation crumbling in one meeting.

Companies work with professional translators to ensure that they get the quality and service that is needed to globalize and work with multilingual employees and/or clients. Professional translators depend on the quality of their work to build their reputation and grow their client base so they can deliver quality services that facilitate clear communication. Although companies and translators have different tasks and scopes on projects, in the end they both depend on accuracy in order to have a mutually successful relationship.

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