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Onsite interpretation is the most effective form of interpretation, due to the fact that it is conducted face-to-face. Having a professional onsite interpreter physically present allows individuals the advantage of not only hearing but seeing the interpreter and that makes for positive communication and an accurate interpretation. Allowing individuals as well as interpreters to be able to read the body language and facial expressions of one another can only ensure the process run smoothly. Sometimes using a telephone interpreter is not suitable, when a situation is delicate or serious in nature then it is best to hire an interpreter that specializes in onsite interpretation. Having a physical presence can make an individual feel a bit more calm and comfortable in a stressful situation especially when interpretation is involved.

Types of Onsite Interpretation

Onsite interpretation can be conducted in two ways; consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting. Consecutive interpreting refers to the process in which the interpreter and the source language speaker take turns speaking and listening. The interpreter will take notes while the source language speaker is talking. Once the source language speaker is finished then the interpreter will convey the message in the target language. Simultaneous interpreting is when the source language speaker continuously speaks while the onsite interpreter conveys the message simultaneously in the target language. This can be done from within a soundproof booth if multiple languages are being interpreted or in person if one language is being interpreted. All onsite interpreters should come prepared not only to interpret but with an understanding of the subject matter as well as industry terminology. It is very important that your onsite interpreter have experience in the subject matter that they are interpreting for as this eliminates any issues of being unsure of industry terminology and jargon on the part of the interpreter.

When Do I Need an Onsite Interpretation Service?

When language interpretation services are needed you want to make sure that you are getting the correct interpretation service that will best fit your situation. Onsite linguists are ideal for situations that are sensitive or emotionally challenging such as court interpreting or medical interpreting. Perhaps you need a onsite interpretation service for an encounter between lawyers and clients, this could be for office meetings, depositions, hearings, mediations, or any other matter where an attorney needs to communicate with a client in precise detail. Onsite interpretation for the healthcare industry is very popular as well as helpful. Federal law, through the Affordable Care Act, now requires hospitals that receive Medicare, Medicaid or other government funding to provide interpretation services free of charge. Interpreters help with communication between doctors, nurses and patients who need interpretation services. Patients feel more comfortable when they are able to effectively communicate with their healthcare provider through an onsite interpreter. Onsite medical interpreters bridge the gap between doctors and patients, ensuring that patients are getting accurate diagnoses and appropriate treatment. Providing onsite medical interpreters ensures that patients who do not speak the native language used in the hospital are receiving the same professional care and treatment available to native speakers. Studies have shown that using a professional onsite medical interpreter as opposed to a family member or bilingual staff, results in better and more accurate interpretation, which in turn makes the patient more satisfied and the process simpler.

It could be that you’re pitching your brand new product line to a group of new potential clients from Japan and you need an onsite interpreter to ensure that your potential customers fully understand your product’s functionality. If you want to provide the highest level of professionalism and service to your potential customers, hiring a professional onsite interpretation service to ensure that they all understand your message is a must and will show your target audience that you took into consideration a way to better accommodate them.

Onsite Interpretation is the most effect and accurate form of Interpretation

Onsite interpretation services are very popular despite advances in technology that allow people to use (VRI) video remote interpreting. Despite the growth of a more convenient and urgent interpretation service, onsite interpretation services still continue to be in high demand. This is due to the increased use of interpreters in medical and legal fields. As long as we continue to have individuals with limited proficiency in the local language then there will always be a need for onsite interpretation. Like stated prior in the article, onsite interpretation is the most accurate and efficient way to ensure a successful interpretation. The advantages to using an onsite interpretation service are that you will get a more personal approach, and this is something that is needed to ensure that all nuances and emotions are conveyed in sensitive situations. Visual contact can help the source language speaking individual feel more confident about what they are discussing and it can help the interpreter understand details and body language better. Having an onsite interpreter can help to build trust and understanding in a new business relationship where language and cultural barriers can stand in the way of many otherwise positive experiences. Having an onsite interpreter can be very beneficial in helping you to break down language and cultural barriers and ensure that your message was interpreted accurately.

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