What Does the Future of Interpreting Services Look Like?

Many in the language service industry would say, the future direction of interpreting services is uncertain. Life as we know it has drastically changed over the past decade; advancements in technology have globalized our multilingual world and connected nations far and wide. The growth of technology has literally wiped jobs and whole industries out of existence, while at the same time creating brand new industries seemingly overnight. This is simply because people create solutions to use technology in order to complete jobs more efficiently than humans. For any industry, collaboration with technology is a must if you want to stay afloat. As the population continues to diversify, the need for professional interpreting services will remain in high demand. The language service industry is facing the challenges of globalization and evolving constantly by creating solutions that revolve around technology. Interpreting services are turning in a new direction and video remote interpreting (VRI) which connects individuals with interpreters virtually from every continent on the planet, is growing in popularity among many industries. VRI provides a platform for individuals to talk with anyone, anytime, face-to-face, in real-time with just the click of a mouse.

VRI is the most convenient and up-and-coming solution offered by language service providers. It’s a video telecommunication service that utilizes a sophisticated web-based platform to provide sign language or spoken language interpreting services. The technologically advanced interpreting solution has few limitations and enables the transfer of both audio and visual cues, which ensure a more accurate interpretation. This easy to use and cost effective solution of remote interpreting is being utilized pretty much anywhere people congregate who speak different languages but are in need of communicating amongst one another. “How is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) Helping to Evolve The Language Industry?,” lists the benefits, advantages and features of the interpreting service. It goes on to explain how VRI is the wave of the future and is changing the way we communicate. Technology is helping interpreting services become more productive and efficient and is sculpting a new method for bridging language gaps.

Technology is Changing and Expanding Interpreting Services:

We’re now communicating in ways we never could have imagined possible,  across borders, cultures, and languages more than ever before. Neither distance nor language barriers will stand in the way of people communicating with one another. Technology has provided the language services industry with the opportunity to take advantage of video communication software. This will provide people with interpreting services with little lead time and who are located in areas where on-site interpreters are not available. “(VRI) Video Remote Interpreting is the Language Solution for Remote Regions and Low Demand Languages,” explains how VRI isn’t limited to individuals living in large cities and who speak common languages. VRI allows interpreters who speak any language despite how rare, to be connected with people needing the service regardless of the area they’re located. This advantage allows people in small remote areas to be provided with vital legal or medical interpretation services, it also allows interpreters from all over the world to work and facilitate communication to anyone anywhere.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) is the Future of the Language Service Industry:

Technology has provided the language service industry with new roads to explore that will expand and reach individuals in need of interpreting services like never before. The interpretation process has become more efficient by effectively utilizing the latest technologies to aid in sculpting a new solution that has changed the language service industry substantially for interpreters and users of interpreting services. The way interpreters work and the way people receive interpreting services will forever be changed due to the incorporations of technology. Interpretation is evolving into a remote service that promotes flexibility, saves time and money and extends the use of the service to anyone anywhere; VRI is the future of interpreting services.

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