The President of The United States of America is at the forefront of the country’s global dealings and is held to the highest standard when it comes to representing the United States’ global image. With this is mind, it stands to reason that the President would require superb language services to communicate with other countries correctly and effectively. Though he may not know a local language himself, the President can employ professional interpretation and translation services to ensure communication flows smoothly when speaking to other global leaders or giving speeches in other countries. This will help ensure no faux pas occur and spark a potential global conflict over simple misinterpretation. Below we will explore what interpretation services the President uses and why they are so important.

The Office of Language Services

The Department of State’s Office of Language Services is responsible for providing language support, and the associated translation or interpretation services for federal agencies, the State Department, as well as the White House. This support is provided through a team of language professionals who are extremely skilled. These professionals specialize in a multitude of different languages and can efficiently interpret oral communicate or translate written communication. They conduct these language support services to the utmost of their ability, and to the highest of industry standards, to ensure that accurate translations and interpretations are provided.

The Office of Language Services strives to facilitate its mission of providing quality communication between foreign language speakers and the President of The Unites States of America, the Department of State, and other federal agencies.  The interpreters and translators of the Office of Language Services act as the eyes and ears of the President, and other important figures, by keeping them up-to-date on any important matters, news release, or statements by other global leaders in foreign languages.

Why Are These Services Important

It is important for the government of the United States to use professional language services, whether it is through the Office of Language Services or via the private sector, to ensure that flawless communication is achieved with other countries in the world. Professional, global language service provides the President and US government with the ability to accurately communicate with other countries leaders on global issues and ensure that countries can work together and come to mutual understandings about key developments in the world. Interpreters and translators provide an important service in a field that is highly sensitive and has far reaching consequences. A linguists’s work will never be done when it comes to global communication, and they will always seek to constantly be improving so they can provide the highest-quality services possible.


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