Localization is key for a global business to succeed online. When you are developing a website for an international audience, you need to be sure that you get quality translation and localization services, so that you get the most out of your website. Language is not the only variable when it comes to reaching a certain demographic. While language plays a large role, cultural expectations will play the largest in determining what is well-received. 

Importance of Language

Targeting an international demographic that includes various countries and cultures is at the core of globalizing your business today. The ability to communicate effectively with an international audience is the key to keeping a global business competitive. To truly deliver an experience above the rest, a company needs to go beyond simple word for word translation of their website.

While a simple translation does allow your website to be accessible, basic content translation is not very effective for marketing and creative campaigns. Without localization of content, images, and colors the true meaning and context of your message may get lost in translation. Many times, the translation doesn’t account for local slang and colloquialisms. The result may be a jumbled mess of what should have been a clearly expressed idea. 

Meeting Cultural Expectations

Quality translations are successful when you someone can read text in their own language. A successful localization of a website means your target audience will connect with the information and appreciate the cultural nuances of your website. When you can meet the cultural standards of a country or group, you are better able to attract their business. If you do not meet the cultural standards, you run the risk of alienating your demographic.

Some of the ways your site can be localized include adapting the color scheme of the site and choosing graphics that will be appealing to the cultural of the demographic you are targeting. When the images and the colors on the page are consistent with positive references within a culture, you increase your chances for a well received website.

Localization Strategies

Localization is not usually something that an individual can do on their own. Localization is most successful when a specialized group of individuals works on the project. A localization team is better equipped with the knowledge and resources that allow for the best possible transformation of a website for another culture.

When you hire a professional company to perform localization services, you will have wonderful results. A professional company will know what color schemes work, what icons are appropriate within that country, and what design strategies will be more attractive to the individuals that will see the site. A robust localization team will be able to deliver quality results and a bigger return on your investment.

The localization of your website will be one of the key factors in attracting and keeping an international audience. If you are unable to effectively convey your brand to other demographics, you will struggle to succeed in an international market. 

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