Localization is the adaptation of a product or service to fit a certain language or culture. Localization is used in businesses that want to expand their client base to include international users. This is helpful for a business in many ways, the most important reason being that their name is now out in the business world for all international clients to see. However, localization is more than just “adapting a product to fit a certain culture”; the process of localization is also meant to open up local businesses to the globalization of companies and how it can benefit both the user and the creator. It is a way for two cultures to interconnect and get to know one another better through technology, business, and interpersonal communication.

Localization does in fact benefit a business in several ways, all of which can help give your business more brand recognition:

Targets More Users
Expanding a business in today’s world means having to tweak business content to target a broader user base. This means translating content and services into multiple languages, as well as highlighting products and services to meet the specific needs of a client. The best way to target more users through localization is to meet them halfway. If you promote a product or service in a way that fits in with a certain country or culture then you will most likely get a better response. The key is to please the customer whether he or she lives fifty miles away or 5,000 miles away.

Better Impression on New Clients
When international clients use a service or product for the first time, they want to be able to understand everything in their native language. If the service or product is localized for their use, it provides a better image to first-time users. You want to show them that you are willing to make the investment to tailor your product or service to the language and platform that best speaks to them. The best way to attract in new clients abroad is to make them feel just as important and capable of using your service or product as those locally.

Give Yourself an Advantage Over the Competition
Even if your competitor already uses localization in his or her business, you can still get the upper hand. Remember that you do not have to create a new way of doing localization in business; you just have to make it better than your competitors do. Start this by working with experienced linguists and well-known translation services that also provide transcreation consulting. These types of companies will be able to help you expand your company’s localization efforts by giving you innovative content and translations, marketing ideas through graphics and creative measures, and ideas for expanding into new markets or countries.

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