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An interpreter is a person who converts one language into another orally. The term “interpreter” is often confused with or interchanged for “translator”, however the terms are actually not interchangeable. A translator is someone who converts written language from one to another; translators do not work in the spoken word. Having an interpreter help you communicate in situations can make it a lot less stressful than trying to “make it work” with the non-English speaker or using a friend who may not have a thorough command of the language. Many situations call for a professional interpreter, here are just a few where a professional interpreter is critical:

Medical Appointments
Many hospitals and physician’s offices offer professional interpreters to limited language proficiency patients. To make sure you get an interpreter to help you communicate with the doctor, be sure to request one in advance. Having a professional interpreter available to you or your client during a medical appointment is much better than asking a friend or family member come with you for several reasons. Firstly, a professional medical interpreter is much more experienced using medical terminology. A professional can help you accurately describe your symptoms, medication, or concerns so that the doctor understands. A professional interpreter is also an impartial third party and will not try to change the interpretation between you and the doctor. Professional interpreters also adhere strictly to confidentiality agreements and a code of ethics.

Court Proceedings
A professional interpreter should be hired during all stages of the legal process. Limited language proficient individuals who need interpretation services will find a professional interpreter is necessary during civil, criminal, and juvenile court proceedings. A professional interpreter’s role during court proceedings is to accurately render a professional interpretation so that all information presented and spoken in the courtroom is understood by the limited language proficient individual. The code of ethics and scope of practice for professional legal interpreters is of the highest standard. Additionally, professional legal interpreters are well versed in terminology and sight translation, both of which are critical in a court setting.

International Business
A professional interpreter that is hired by an international business should prepare themselves for many tasks. They can expect to interpret information for new and current client, make contact with business partners, and interpret at pivotal meetings. A professional interpreter is always needed during calls, exhibitions, in person or video meetings, and at lectures where new products, information, or business plans will be explained. It is important to get a professional interpreter with experience specific to your industry. Many interpreters spend their careers focusing on one business/industry segment so that they can be specialized in the protocols and jargon.

While there are many different types of interviews where a professional interpreter would need to be present, some of the most common ones include police interviews, job interviews and immigration interviews. It is particularly crucial to have an interpreter present if you are being interviewed during a high-pressure situation, such as an interrogation. You need a professional interpreter in these types of situations to ensure that the communication exchange is accurate as the information is sensitive and there are serious consequences for misspeaking. During a job interview, you want to remain respectful for another culture and not say something that could be taken a different way. Professional interpreters practice cultural competency and can help explain or diffuse tension during these sorts of interviews.

When you are in a situation where you would need a professional interpreter, you want to make sure the person you are working with is skilled both linguistically and in the specific area you need. Just because a person is able to speak two languages does not mean he or she can serve as a professional interpreter. Always work with an experienced agency who can meet any language need you may have.

For more information about professional interpreters and scheduling a professional interpreter, please contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. at 1-877-567-8449 or via e-mail at [email protected]. The team at Niks’s Int’l Ltd. is available 24/7/365 to assist you with any language need you may have.

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