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A commonly asked question by clients who need interpretation services is whether it is essential for interpreters to be physically present for an effective interpretation. The answer is, it depends. It would be incredibly inconvenient, for both the clients and the language interpretation service provider, if every time a LEP (Limited English Proficiency) individual arrived an interpreter would have to be hastily arranged for an on-site visit. Having to coordinate a live interpreter for an appointment ASAP can result in long waits and potentially not having an interpreter at all.

So what is the alternative in these situations? Telephonic Interpretation. If you have never considered this service, you may have some questions regarding its effectiveness. The following points provide some insight into using telephonic interpretation that may help you make a better decision next time you find yourself in this situation:

1. You don’t need an appointment!
It may be the case that your LEP individual arrives unscheduled. This could be a case of emergency or an urgent deadline. In these situations you have to be flexible, and that makes telephonic interpretation an ideal solution. It isn’t necessary to make an appointment well in advance or discuss the venue for the meeting when you use a telephonic interpretation service; this allows for a quick connection and efficient solution that you can implement immediately.

2. It’s cost effective!
While an interpretation service company wants to provide you with the best service possible, last-minute on-site meetings can be costly for for both clients and service providers. Telephonic interpretation is a cost-effective solution to this problem. In addition to minimizing service cost for the actual interpretation time, it also eliminates the mileage and drive time fees associated with having an interpreter on-site.

3. It is more objective!
Impartiality is critical for any professional company. Every so often, due to cultural differences, LEP individuals are more comfortable not having additional people in the room who may make them feel uneasy. Also, not having an interpreter physically there can help remove emotional factors that can cause tension or sympathy which may impact the accuracy of the interpretation. Here, telephonic interpretation provides you a viable solution to effectively manage your business, while keeping confidentiality and objectivity in tact.

4. It can be recorded!
In sensitive situations or conversations with serious ramifications, sometimes clients need to be able to document exactly what was said. Using a telephonic interpreter allows you the opportunity to record the conversation and archive that audio for your records. It also provides an opportunity to have a transcription completed if it is needed, even some time after the appointment.

Finding the Right Telephonic Interpreter
Skilled telephonic interpreters are rigorously screened and trained to provide you with accurate, convenient, and cost effective services. However finding the right service provider that, in addition to convenience, provides you with impeccable quality and a streamlined experience is not always an easy task. Niki’s Int’l Ltd. can help you coordinate telephonic services with professional, skilled linguists.

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