It’s expected that companies would put a lot of time and energy into developing their advertising materials. Many businesses agonize for months over the proper taglines, colors, and even pictures to include in their advertising materials so that the message reaches the market exactly as intended. In many cases, the advertising materials go back and forth through numerous departments, being carefully reviewed and edited until a final draft is ready. The additional step of having a marketing campaign translated into your audience’s native language is just a critical as the conceptualization and design of the campaign, and oftentimes can make or break your global brand.

In the realm of advertising and sales copy, wording and placement are everything. Don’t let the sharp wit or clear verbiage you spent months market testing and developing get lost in translation. Language is fluid, so brand mottos and taglines won’t translate literally and many times machine translation can cause big problems when translating these sorts of statements. Your best bet is working with a professional translation agency who is going to look at your advertising pieces as a whole and determine the most effective way to translate the entire project into another language. Small changes can mean big mistakes when it comes to advertising copy, so this is not a process that you should shortchange or look for a “bargain” on. In some cases, when professional translation services are not used, the company may not even be aware of the actual message they are transmitting to their new customers in a different language. These kind of mistakes can end up costing you big in terms of business and overall brand appeal.

You don’t want to have to worry about the overall quality of your translated advertisements, so that’s why you should work directly with a translation service that has a strong reputation in the field. You need to trust that the person taking over your translation will work hard to emulate the message that you were sharing in the original language and context. This might mean small changes that ultimately help sharpen your copy and present your advertisement to the target market in the most effective manner. Working with a company that has years of experience in the field of translation is essential, because failing to do so can mean risking mistakes that you may never become aware of until it’s too late. A professional translation company will have a dedicated project manager and translation team who will work with you to review your copy, flawlessly bridge the language barrier, an provide a quality review to ensure the final work is ready to send out.

One of the biggest reasons that so many people choose to work directly with a professional translation agency is because it gives you peace of mind that your final product will represent your brand and your company exactly the way you intend it to. There’s nothing quite so important as delivering the proper message to your intended audience, and this is where a professional translation company can do wonders for your market and your company. Don’t let all that hard work you put into developing an advertising campaign be wasted by an inaccurate translation. Instead, hire a professional from the outset so that you can be confident about the materials you have worked so hard to create.

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