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Making it to your medical appoints is essential to achieving a good bill of health. When you have a medical appointment scheduled, it is important that you do everything you can to ensure you make it on time. Missing a medial appointment could mean the difference in good and bad health for many people with complicated health situations. There are many programs available to help get you to your medical appointments when you can’t do it on your own. Here are 4 signs that you may need non-emergency ambulance transportation:

Nursing Home to Medical Appointments
Those who are living in nursing homes often don’t have the ability to drive to medical appointments themselves. Additionally, individuals living in a nursing home often have medical complications that can make traveling uncomfortable or dangerous. When they have an appointment at a medical facility, the staff will utilize non-emergency ambulance transportation to ensure the patient gets to their appointment safely. By using an ambulance to transport the patient, medical personnel are available along the way to ensure medical treatment is provided if needed, as well as ready access to oxygen and CPR if necessary. This is mainly for those who are very sick and other transportation won’t work for the resident.

Getting Between Treatment Facilities
When you have arrived at a treatment facility and require more extensive medical attention, they will often transport you in a non-emergency ambulance transport to ensure you get to the next treatment facility. This is typically for patients who cannot drive on their own and have no family or friends to help transport them in between facilities, or have a complicated medical situation that requires medical staff and medical support systems. The staff at the medical office should be able to help obtain this type of service for you.

Transportation to the Hospital
Not all ambulance calls require the lights and sirens you see when you are passing a fast moving ambulance. Sometimes, you need to get to the hospital for medical attention, but you cannot transport yourself. In this case, a non-emergency ambulance will ensure you get there while being cared for by qualified medical personnel. When your injuries or health problems make it impossible to drive to a medical facility, but do not require emergency services, this can be a great option.

Other Transportation Methods Could be Dangerous to Your Health
For those who are not fully capable of getting into a vehicle and riding like normal, non-emergency medical transportation may be the perfect solution. When a person needs to receive oxygen or have medication administered along the way, it is important to have trained medical personal there to help with these requirements.

Before relying on non-emergency ambulance transportation, you need to make sure it is available in your area and will work for you. Not all circumstances require the need for this type of transportation and in many cases there is a process that you must go through if you want to reserve the service. You also want to check if your insurance company covers this service. Pricing for non-emergency ambulance services can vary, but the service is certainly more expensive than other types of transportation. Non-emergency ambulance transportation may not be a cost-effective solution for those who do not have the medical requirements for the service.

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