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America has always been known as the great “Melting Pot” for about as long as it has existed. It is no secret that this beautiful country is made up of all kinds of cultures and individuals. Not only does this contribute to our unique country, but these individuals are also what help the country thrive as much as it does. As more and more people immigrate to this country, there becomes more and more of a need to diversify and offer language barrier help.

Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is moving toward making this country a lot more open through interpretation and translation language services, rather than forcing individuals to become completely skilled in a range of languages. This type of service is offered to individuals who may be competent in some of the language, but may need a little extra assistance when it comes to more complicated medical, legal or emergency matters.

What is it?

Telephone interpreting is a high quality interpretation service that allow individuals to dial in and get help if they are in a compromising situation. When it comes to dealing with the medical field, it is oftentimes left to doctors and physicians to communicate, even for those patients who speak great English. With things of this nature, it can be that much more confusing for an individual who does not speak great English to begin with. These services often include all language translators.

Who is it for?

Because the service is available at any time of the day whenever you need, our high quality interpretation can benefit anyone at any time for any purpose. Businesses can utilize this as well as the individuals who need assistance. Some common uses are:
• Healthcare purposes. This can include doctor consultation or transportation services such as wheelchair transportation, stretcher transportation, or non-       emergency ambulance transportation.
• Insurance agencies. Individuals who need auto, home or health insurance may need extra assistance with these matters. Other options may include workers compensation related transportation.
• Financial services. Banks and loan providers have a lot of difficult information interwoven in their conversation, so having an interpreter available to call may be a good tool.
• Household utilities. Any other homeowner or rental facility communication needs can be helped greatly by an interpreter.

America is always growing, so it is important to grow as a cultural home base as we grow in population as well.

How to Find a Quality Service

It is important for individuals to know how to get started with interpretation. It is generally as simple as a phone call to help set up an account and utilize the services at any time. To find the best service, read up on reviews and talk to others like yourself about getting the translation services and what company they may use. Do your research to find the best company with pricing that meets your budget as well as highly skilled linguists.

As you can see, global translation and interpretation service offers a great option for those who may not be able to speak English very well yet. When it comes to complex situations that include medical and legal terminology and things of that nature, it can oftentimes be difficult for individuals with limited English proficiency to understand what is going on. Language services are a great way to help eliminate that problem and expand the culture of America.

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