In Need of a Technical Translator?:

Difficult terminology accompanies certain subject matters and one has to be familiar with the proper usage and meaning in order to accurately use the term in written documents. If such understanding and knowledge is required to write the document than that same awareness and attention-to-detail is required when technical documents are translated into different languages. Manuals, user guides, data sheets, patents, legal documents, medical records and a plethora of other technical documents are in need of translations for various reasons. Perhaps a family moved the the United States from Austria and is required to have their sons vaccination history translated in order to be accepted into a collage program. Or a large international business is developing a brick and mortar in an overseas country and needs to have legal documentation regarding the purchase of the land translated for tax purposes. When matters such as these occur its imperative the documentation is translated precisely, accurately and void of any translation mistakes. The only way to ensure that level of expertise is to hire a technical translator to handle the tedious task.

What is a Technical Translator:    

Medical, agricultural, political, educational, engineering, pharmaceutical or scientific industries all work with complex technical documents that contain industry specific terminology, concepts, jargon and subject matter. A technical translator translates documents which are complex and field specific in to another language. Technical translation differs from standard translation because it requires the translator to be a subject matter expert and have complete fluency in both the source and target languages spoken. A technical translator is highly trained, experienced, knowledgeable and qualified to handle the strenuous art of technical translation.

The Potential Risks Taken When a Technical Translator is Not Hired:

Medical Translation:

Medical workers heavily rely on medical manuals, pharmaceutical information, lab results and many other medical documents to understand symptoms, treat patients and perform procedures. Mistakes in medical translation can result in poor patient care, additional injury or in a worse case scenario, loss of life. Industry understanding, experience, knowledge of terminology, accuracy, clarity and attention-to-detail are required when translating medical documents. Mistranslations regarding medication dosages or how to perform a procedure can result in serious consequences. This is why it’s vital to enlist the aid of a professional technical translator as to ensure accuracy in all regards.

Legal Translation:

Legal documents are structured to follow the legal system of the language they were written in. When a legal document undergoes the process of translation, the reader who is familiar with a different legal system and language has to be able to understand the information provided to them. this is what makes legal translation one of the most difficult forms of translation. Not only is it a technical documents, it is formed under a separate legal system, is riddled with difficult terminology and concepts are oftentimes very hard to grasp. The technical translator is responsible for finding a sound and suitable way to clearly and concisely convey the intended message. Translated legal documents endure rigorous proofing, re-checking and perfecting in order to hold value in a court of law. Mistranslated legal documents can be thrown out of court, misconstrue an argument, water down an important point, prevent justice from taking place or unjustly pin a crime to an innocent individual.

Hire a Professional Technical Translator:

If you’re in need of a professional technical translator, contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd., a language service company (LSC) with over 20 years of experience providing competent and highly qualified technical translators who have the skills and knowledge required to accurately tackle your technical translation.  

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