Translation Isn’t Rocket Science, Or Is It:

Translation can’t be that hard, converting text from one language into another seems simple if you are able to read, write and speak two languages. What about translating content such as medical manuals that doctors rely on to properly instruct them on how to perform procedures, medication information pharmacists use to ensure proper dosages are administered, or even electrical engineering guidelines used to evaluate electrical systems, products, components, and applications within businesses or homes. Translation doesn’t seem like rocket science until it actually is. Since language contains so many ambiguities, simply knowing what the words mean won’t make a difference if the context isn’t understood correctly. Without the proper education and technical training in the specified field or topic, it’s unlikely the reader will understand what they are reading. So how can a translator have the ability to translate technical documents if they are not properly trained to do so? This is where subject matter specialists are required for technical translation. Without the knowledge of both languages as well as the subject matter, it’s easy to see how concepts can be confused, even if every word translated is correct. Making one small translation mistake can hold severe consequences especially in the medical, legal or pharmaceutical fields.  

Subject Matter Specialist in Translation:

The general rule of thumb in translation is very simple; if you can not understand the content, you won’t be able to translate it. For example, when presented with a translation project regarding neuroscience, it’s absolutely necessary to enlist the aid of a translator with a similar educational and professional background as the target audience. Subject matter specialists are highly skilled individuals who not only speak, read and write multiple languages but also have the proficiency, experience and knowledge needed in order to call themselves an expert in that field. Language is complex and filled with nuances, it’s important to enlist the assistance of an expert on the subject when specific industry expertise is required to ensure terms are correct and content is up to par. Translators are becoming distinguished experts in their professions, developing complex and specialized knowledge allowing them to work as subject matter specialists. Hiring a translator who knows the subject matter at the same level as the audience reading the information will guarantee the intended meaning is properly conveyed and recieved.

A Lack of Subject Knowledge Can Lead to Poor Translation and Dangerous Outcomes:

Poor translation can occur due to a lack in subject knowledge and being unaware of complex terminology and industry jargon. These mistakes can result in negative outcomes, especially in a medical or pharmaceutical setting where it can threaten lives. Without full awareness of the subject matter, it’s easy to confuse ideas and intent when translating technical documents. Poor technical translation can compromise court proceedings, deliver inappropriate care to patients, cause industrial accidents due to the misuse or improper operation of heavy equipment and can even cause illness or death if medication is distributed improperly. When it comes to technical translation it’s vital a subject matter specialist is utilized in order to ensure accuracy in the highest regard. If you’re looking for a translator with a defined background and experience in a specific field, Niki’s Int’l Ltd., a professional language service company (LSC) can provide you with a subject matter specialist that can cater to your specific needs. Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a reputable LSC with over 20 years of experience in the language service industry. They have a large network of highly trained and qualified translators able to help you with all your technical translation needs. Don’t allow poor technical translation to result in unwanted and negative outcomes, contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. to ensure accuracy, professionalism and the highest quality translation in the field.  

Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise with 20 years of language service experience. A global network of highly skilled interpreters and translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-site, telephonic and video remote interpretation services. Our linguists are available in over 350 languages and dialects, and our network includes certified interpreters and translators. Our work is guaranteed with a $1 Million Errors & Omissions policy, so that you can be confident that your project will be completed with the highest level of quality and professionalism within the field. For more information contact us at 1-877-567-8449 or visit our website at


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