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As technology advances and we become more open minded and connected with other countries, people and their cultures, the rise in the need for translation services is developing all over the world. With so many languages and diversity, there is a major need in every industry for translation services. Awareness of the value of quality and accurate translation services is on the rise, resulting in many new and exciting trends in the translation industry. Taking the step in hiring a translation company can really be beneficial, whether you are in need of a document translated from Spanish to English or if you need a website translator or perhaps you need a Japanese translator to translate some important medical records. Whatever translation services you need, hiring a professional translation company can ensure accuracy and save you from the embarrassment of mistranslations. Here are some of the trends that are developing within translation services.

Quality Over Cost

Now that people are aware of the importance of proper and accurate certified translation services, cost is not the most important factor when translation and interpretation services are needed. Looking for the lowest cost option is not the route you want to take when it comes to translation services. Many people make the mistake of relying on an online translator or an online website translator to translate their sites, documents, marketing materials and so forth. This is always a bad idea due to the fact that online translators, translate word for word and not every language translates into another exactly word for word. Also, in every set of words or marketing message there is feeling and emotion attached, and an online website translator just can not produce feelings and emotional attachments. The quality and adherence to the original message and intent is the most important aspect of proper and accurate translations as companies expand to overseas markets offering their products and services worldwide. Companies are looking for more quality translation services as opposed to finding and going with the cheapest option.

The Importance of Localizing your Marketing Message in the Translation Industry

Localization is adapting the content including but not limited to text, website, photography, branding and design to local audiences. Catering to specific clients allows them to know that you are aware of local history, language particularities, culture and traditions in that country or region. Localizing and translating your marketing message can increase your business’s growth due to the fact that it allows you to reach target audiences overseas that you would not have had the opportunity to reach otherwise. More and more companies are seeing the value in localizing their websites, marketing materials and messages. Companies are hiring professional translation companies to provide them with all their creative translation services. Translating and localizing your brand message to be seen and understood by different audiences, countries and cultures accurately can help you to achieve better sales results by allowing you access to the global market.

Providing Multi-lingual Web Content and SEO

53.6% of the entire webs content is in English. Even if you speak English as a second language the odds are that your fluency is not up to par enough to be able to read, purchase or conduct business on all subjects online. This is why it is so important if you are trying to reach global markets to have your website translated and offered in at least 5 of the top languages that are viable to your region or industry. Having your website translated and available to your customers who do not speak English can help you to make the sale and gain return business and/or clients. With that being said, SEO (search engine optimization) comes in all languages, and if so much of the internet’s content is not being catered towards languages other than English, that leaves a plethora of low competition, high ranking keywords in other languages available to be used to reach potential customers and clients. Catering your website and SEO to reach your global market is a fast growing trend in translation that is here to stay.

Human Translation Over Machine Translation

Machine translation has become popular for quick and easy translations on the go. Machine translators basically do the job for you, however these translations are not always accurate because machine translators translate word for word and most languages do not translate into another language word for word. Machine translators are more for quick and easy personal use. Machine translators can not comprehend the context of the words written, so it is imperative that you hire a professional translation company if you are in need of a translation service. If you want to receive a proper and accurate translation not only linguistically but within a cultural context as well, then it is advised that you seek out human translators to do the job. This is the only way you can ensure that your translation captures the overall essence of the message that you are having translated. Human translation will always be a must and even though technology is advancing on a daily basis machines can never replace the humans that created them.

Long Tail Language Translation is on the Rise

There are vast amounts of languages spoken in the world today, yet only a few are considered major players such as English, French, Spanish, Mandarin and Russian to name a few. However there are minor languages (long tail languages) spoken everyday. Long tail languages are languages that fall outside of the standard deviation of major languages and are not used by many people in today’s society. They are rarely spoken but still have a significant presence in many local communities. With the popularity in internet usage, allowing people to slowly but surely connect with one another, the need for long tail language translation is growing fast. These are the communities that really benefit from being offered accurate translation services and are the equivalent to undiscovered territory for most companies. Both service and production companies need to localize their business marketing messages and optimize their websites to meet the needs and cater to these minor language communities and offer their services, translated to the people who are native to these languages in order to gain their business. With connectivity being on the forefront of trends now a days, the rise in long tail language translation services will grow right along with it.

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