Definition of Translation:

Eugene Nida, a famous American translation theorist, defined translation as:

Translation consists in reproducing the receptor language the closest natural equivalent of the source language, first in terms of meaning and secondly in terms of style. However, to reproduce “the closest natural equivalent” in the target language is more or less influenced by the cultural differences. Because of the differences in histories, geographic locations, local customs and religious beliefs, etc., there are some translation obstacles which hinder people from understanding each other properly. So, translation not only involves translators or interpreters linguistic competence, but also calls for the acquaintance with the respective cultures. In this sense, translation means more that merely translating the words, sentences or articles from the source language into the target language. It means also to transfer between cultures.

Culture is a system of shared beliefs, values, customs, behaviors, knowledge, ideas, art, laws, morals and any habits acquired by members of a specific society. These influences are used to cope with the world and with other people and are passed down from generation to generation.

Translation and Interpretation is More Than Just Speaking a Language:

Working as a translator or interpreter comes with many demands, not only must one be fully proficient in the languages they speak but they must also understand how different cultures approach issues and ideas, have an understanding of associated religion and how culture can impact decision making. Behavior patterns and even the way a person expects to be treated can all stem from cultural influences. Culture in many cases determines how a person views and deals with the world, it shapes behavior and influences a person’s actions in everyday life. Cultural differences vary greatly and have such an impact on how people perceive, interact and react to situations and information. It’s vital when interacting with a person who speaks a different language and who is associated with a different culture that the aid of a professional linguist is acquired in order to bridge the divide.

Rely On Professional Translation and Interpretation Services For Accuracy and Complete Understanding:

It’s imperative that a professional linguist be utilized when in need of translation and interpretation services. Oftentimes local idioms, slang and jargon are used and its very important that the translator or interpreter not only understand what is being said, but they have the ability to accurately and precisely convert the overall essence into the target language. Understanding the cultural connotations of the words spoken and correctly making the conversion so that a person who does not speak that language or who is not familiar with that culture has a firm grasp on the idea and intended message is a task only an experienced and qualified linguist can handle. Its amazing just how much culture truly does influence translation and interpretation services.

If you’re in need of professional translation and interpretation services and want to ensure you’re provided with a translator or interpreter who is fully proficient in the language and associated culture, you need to hire a reputable language service company (LSC). Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a LSC with over 20 years of experience bridging linguistic and cultural gaps across various industries. Understanding the person’s culture you’re trying to communicate with is just as important and vital to a successful exchange as the actual words. Don’t allow your understanding of cultural differences to fall by the wayside, hire Niki’s Int’l Ltd. who will provide you with translation and interpretation services that transcend language and cultural divides.    

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