A Continuation of, Translation Requires Precision; Translating Pharmaceutical Content (Part One):  

When marketing pharmaceutical products to international audiences, stages one through six of the drug development process must be completed in order for the product to thrive in a foreign market. During stages one through three, the drug is developed and studied to find out if it’s safe for human use. During these critical preliminary stages, research and data is collected and will require pharmaceutical transition. Once the content is translated, the drug will then undergo a regulatory review by a regulator of the country in which the drug will be released. Once the review has deemed the product acceptable, the localization process is the next step in ensuring the drug is marketable to the targeted audience. Pharmaceutical companies are seeing an increase in revenue from countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China, Mexico, Turkey and throughout Southeast Asia. Countless countries all over the world are now better understanding the advantages of good healthcare and living healthier lifestyles. The pharmaceutical industry is in pursuit of emerging international market opportunities, however, companies who have passed the regulatory compliance are not thriving in the market due to inadequate localization efforts.

Localization and Marketing of Pharmaceutical Products Internationally:

Pharmaceutical products must go through the process of localization in order to be relevant in an international market. Every country has different people, thoughts, beliefs, likes, interests, languages and cultures; these aspects need to be considered in order to market to a foreign audience. According to a recent Booz & Co report, “The “winners” in emerging markets will be those companies that know how to best balance their global competences with tailored approaches for local markets.” They also reported, “The biggest mistake companies make in emerging markets is the insufficient tailoring of approaches to local needs.” It’s now an industry standard to have all content regarding the product available in the local language. This is a must and a key factor in gaining a competitive advantage and selling products in an international market. Localization enhances brand awareness of a product by appealing to the senses of the targeted audience. Packaging, product labeling, informational leaflets, marketing materials and websites are all platforms used to promote the product, localizing these platforms ultimately aids in selling the product. Using the correct choice of imagery, color, local references, language and cultural nuances all play a valuable role in making a product marketable.

Professional Localization Services:

It’s imperative all pharmaceutical content be clear and concise, consumers and healthcare workers rely on this information to make the right product choices and to calculate the correct dosages. Aligning your business with a reputable language service company, allows you to gain access to professional localization experts who have experience within the pharmaceutical industry. The localization of a product means adapting the marketing content to a particular language, culture, and desired locale. Localization goes beyond simply translating material, it includes the selection of culturally appropriate images and colors, formatting and adapting text in the target language to be visually appealing to your audience. Localization experts select the perfect amount of translation needed to deliver optimal impact for a globalized market release. Highly skilled translators work with project managers, marketing specialists, graphic artists and website designers to create an impactful localization of your product, combining your vision with your target market’s local culture and language. During the stages of drug development, pharmaceutical companies should adopt localization and translation services as part of their marketing growth strategy. Having the content translated and the marketing material localized after passing the regulatory compliance can ensure your pharmaceutical products appeal and entice consumers in international markets.

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