Cost Effective Interpretation Services:

With such a high demand for professional interpretation services needed to accommodate the vast amounts of linguistic diversity within American communities, the language service industry is promoting affordable language services that significantly aid in reducing language barriers. Language barriers impede our ability to accurately communicate with individuals who do not speak the same language. It’s vital that interpretation services are utilized to break down language barriers. However, cost can be a factor for companies who are in need of these services but do not have the budget to accommodate their needs. The language service industry has developed solutions that allow the provision of professional interpretation services in a cost effective manner.   

Telephonic Interpretation:

Telephonic interpretation services are very effective when a limited English proficient (LEP) individual needs immediate attention or when there’s relatively simple dialogue that needs to be engaged in. Professionals from various industries are taking advantage of the vast benefits telephonic interpretation provides and relying on the remote language service regularly to communicate with individuals who do not speak English. Telephonic interpretation is extremely cost effective due to the fact you’re only paying for the time spent on the phone with the interpreter and the session is charged by the minute. Telephonic interpretation connects you with an interpreter through pre-scheduled appointments or on-demand services, with little to no wait time. Discussing business details with an international partner in China or simply scheduling a follow up appointment with a LEP patient is made possible through the use of telephonic interpretation.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI):

Video remote interpreting is a language service that uses telecommunication software to connect people who are in need of an interpreter via the internet. VRI ensures effective communication is facilitated without the physical presence of an interpreter. This easy to use and cost effective language solution is being accessed in various places such as hospitals, medical offices, mental health facilities, higher education settings, court systems as well as in business settings. When using video remote interpreting you are only responsible for paying for the actual time spent connected with the interpreter. Oftentimes there is an hourly minimum as well as gas and mileage reimbursements associated with on-site interpretation that are not required when using VRI. VRI is one of the most convenient interpretation services available because you can literally connect to an interpreter anytime, anywhere in a cost effective manner.

Contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. for Exceptional, Professional and Affordable Interpretation Services:

Professional interpretation services promote understanding through proper communication and growth within businesses and individuals who interact professionally with linguistically diverse people. The growing diversity in America ensures interaction with LEP individuals in various settings on a regular basis. If you’re in the market for accurate and affordable interpretation services, contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd, a professional language service company (LSC) with over 20 years of experience in the language service industry. Being aware of linguistic diversity and making accommodations in an affordable manner can allow you to break down language barriers without breaking the bank. 
Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise with 20 years of language service experience. A global network of highly skilled interpreters and translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-site, telephonic and video remote interpretation services. Our linguists are available in over 350 languages and dialects, and our network includes certified interpreters and translators. Our work is guaranteed with a $1 Million Errors & Omissions policy, so that you can be confident that your project will be completed with the highest level of quality and professionalism within the field. For more information contact us at 1-877-567-8449 or visit our website at

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