Professional Interpreters:

With so many businesses, facilities, and organizations utilizing professional interpretation services, it’s important to make sure you understand the qualities an exceptional interpreter should exhibit. Professional interpreters are highly trained, experienced and educated in order to provide an excellent and accurate exchange of information from the source language into the target language. The following is a breakdown of some of the qualities, skills, and knowledge one must have in order to be considered an exceptional interpreter. 

Language Skills:

In order to interpret professionally, one must have native fluency in the languages they speak as well as extensive knowledge of the associated cultures. Reading, writing and understanding dialogue should be effortless  for a professionally trained interpreter. Their proficiency in the languages they speak grants interpreters the ability to breakdown language barriers in any given situation. 

Cultural Competence:

Cultural differences vary greatly and have an enormous  impact on how people perceive, interact and react to situations and information. Understanding the cultural connotations of the words spoken and correctly making the conversion so that a person who does not speak that language or who is not familiar with that culture has a firm grasp on the idea and intended message is a task only an experienced and exceptional interpreter can handle. 

Ethical Behavior:

Professional interpreters stay committed to ensuring their clients receive language services that maintain the utmost confidentiality regarding private information. It is the obligation of professional interpreters to conduct business while abiding by established, and universally agreed upon, ethics. It’s vital that interpreters are trustworthy and remain unbiased in situations, even if their personal convictions may not coincide with the material they are interpreting. The interpreter is there for one reason and one reason only, to facilitate communication between individuals who do not speak the same language.

Experience and Subject Knowledge:

Oftentimes professional interpreters are also subject matter experts, meaning they have industry experience and credentials that allow them to become experts on a specific topic. Perhaps an interpreter is a registered nurse who worked in the medical industry for years, that experience would make them an expert in that subject matter. Working as a medical interpreter with prior medical education and exposure creates a recipe for success. Already knowing and understanding difficult medical terminology and concepts allows for a more accurate interpretation. 

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