International Communication Between Businesses is on the Rise:

Businesses are now more than ever, looking to integrate their offerings into international consumer markets and develop professional relationships with diverse partners. Expanding business across borders has become increasingly more accessible for all types of businesses, which has multiplied the opportunities for international communication. Developing business relationships with individuals or companies from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds, starts with communication. Communication is essential to the success of any business, if you’re interested in growing internationally it’s imperative language barriers are properly addressed. Good communication practices and language services maintain the intent of intricate business dealings and allow all parties involved to clearly understand the provided information.

Cultural Influences in Communication:

There’re so many aspects to communicating with a person who speaks a different language. Every country, language and culture is unique, which means communication and interaction varies quite significantly. In Japan, people do not like to use the word “no” they may mean no, however they will not directly say it. This can really be confusing for a person who speaks English and is more familiar with directness. Women are never discussed in Saudi Arabia, not even to ask about a female family member’s health and it is often customary for a person attending the meeting to leave for upwards of 20 minutes in order to pray. Business meetings are considered more of a discussion as opposed to a formal meeting. These cultural nuances and differences need to be known when communicating with international business partners. It’s of vital importance subtle and oftentimes non-verbal communication is understood between cultures. Cultural awareness can have as much influence on a conversation as actual words.

Break into an International Market and Build a Lasting Presence by Using Language Services:

Poor communication practices and not utilizing language services can cause loss of business, embarrassment, misunderstandings and can allow you to culturally offend a potential business partner. The best way to combat the negative effects associated with language barriers is to hire a language service company in order to gain access to professional interpreters. Working with an interpreter can ensure cultural or linguistic misunderstandings do not stand in the way of business proceedings.

The most popular language services used to aid in international business communication are telephone interpretation and video remote interpreting (VRI). Telephone interpretation services can be pre-scheduled or accessed on-demand with little to no wait time. Telephone interpretation is very effective for situations when you have a business matter that needs immediate attention, a quick question or relatively simple dialogue you need to engage in. Perhaps you need to have a short discussion to confirm a change or update, telephone interpretation is perfect for facilitating communication quickly and effectively. Having this language service at your disposal can eliminate situations where language barriers get in the way of day to day communication with international partners.

Video remote interpreting (VRI) utilizes telecommunication software in order to provide language services through an online platform that can be accessed by anyone anywhere in the world. The service is user friendly and can be pre-scheduled or used on-demand with wait times as low as five minutes. This innovative and modern twist on language services marries the benefits of on-site interpretation with the remote feature associated with telephone interpretation. Aspects such as body language and facial expressions play a large role in fully understanding the essence of a conversation, VRI keeps both audio and visual aspects intact. Hiring a language service company to provide you with language services allows businesses to make positive and effective connections despite language and cultural diversities. Utilizing language services creates the potential for new revenue and aids in expanding business internationally.

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