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Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), a Technologically Advanced Language Solution:

As technology continues to advance, companies strive to alter how they conduct business in order to stay relevant amongst the changes. Businesses from all industries who utilize language services are incorporating video remote interpreting (VRI) into their daily routines due to the user-friendly capabilities and the anytime anywhere convenience it offers. Video remote interpreting is a language service that uses telecommunication software to connect people who are in need of an interpreter via the internet. VRI ensures effective communication is facilitated without the physical presence of an interpreter. This easy to use and cost effective language solution is being accessed in various places such as hospitals, medical offices, mental health facilities, higher education settings, court systems as well as in business settings. Its highly advised to take advantage of the vast benefits VRI services provide when language barriers are faced.

Advantages of Video Remote Interpreting (VRI):

VRI keeps the visual aspects such as facial expressions, body language and visual cues intact. This creates a superior platform that can be used for remote sign language interpretation to be conducted. This aspect alone is what makes VRI a monumental solution for the language service industry as a whole. No other remote interpretation service has the ability to be used for sign language and that opens many doors and opportunities to facilitate communication remotely for deaf individuals. Allowing the Deaf community the opportunity to properly communicate with the hearing is a magnificent step in eliminating the discrimination that accompanies language barriers and deaf individuals. VRI creates a comfortable atmosphere that allows for an optimal and successful interpretation to take place.

Location, language needed nor time zone matter when utilizing video remote interpretation services. Since you’re connecting via the internet there will always be a qualified and experienced interpreter available to connect with that speaks the specific dialect and language you need. VRI is a great solution when on-site interpretation services are simply not available. Maybe you reside in a remote region that is not easily accessible, VRI allows you to effectively communicate with linguistically diverse individuals and all you need is a stable internet connection, a computer, smartphone or tablet. VRI can be used as a pre-scheduled or on-demand service with little to no wait time. This innovative and modern language service is also very cost effective because you’re only paying for the time spent with the interpreter.

VRI in Healthcare Facilities and Emergency Situations:

VRI is being utilized in healthcare facilities across America due to its user-friendly capabilities and quick access which make VRI an incredible solution in emergency situations. When an emergency is at hand, there is not always enough time to wait for an on-site interpreter to arrive. In an event such as this VRI carts, which consist of tablets that have been fastened to a rolling cart are brought in and a video remote interpretation session can begin. When there is a gap in communication, room for error increases substantially, in medical situations error can cause more damage or even put an individual’s life in danger. VRI is reshaping the way we interact with LEP patients and ensuring effective communicate is being facilitated between patients and providers, regardless of the languages they speak. Providing healthcare for the millions of people in America who speak little or no English, poses huge challenges for healthcare providers. Providing a cost effective and time efficient language solution, aided by technology, is helping to save lives. Video remote interpreting fills a large gap within the interpretation industry, the many benefits it provides will have this remote interpretation service facilitating communication for years to come.

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