Choosing the Right Interpretation Service For Your Needs:

When an interpretation service is needed you want to make sure you’re choosing the service that best fits your situation. Interpretation services are being used more frequently by professionals from all industries, in order for you to make the best decision regarding the specific interpretation service you need, it’s important to understand when each service is best used.

On-Site Interpretation:

On-site interpretation is known to be the best form of interpretation because it keeps both the audio and visual aspects intact. Seeing, hearing and feeling a conversation are the most important ingredients interpreters use to produce the highest quality and most accurate interpretations. Onsite interpretation is ideal for situations that are sensitive or emotionally challenging such as court interpretation or medical interpretation. Perhaps you need an onsite interpretation service for an encounter between lawyers and clients, this could be for office meetings, depositions, hearings, mediations, or any other matter where an attorney needs to communicate with a client in precise detail. Having an on-site interpreter physically presence can aid in making an individual feel calm and comfortable in a stressful situation.

Telephone Interpretation:

Telephone interpretation allows people who are not able to understand one another due to a language barrier the ability to connect and communicate through a live interpreter via the telephone. Perhaps a short meeting needs to be held to confirm information for a refugee who is in a resettling program or a medical provider needs to confirm an appointment with a non-English speaking patient; telephone interpretation is a reliable and fast service that allows you to facilitate communication in a quick and cost efficient manner. Interpretation over the phone is oftentimes much cheaper than on-site interpretation because you are only paying for the actual time spent on the phone with the interpreter. Telephone interpretation services are very beneficial to use when short conversations need to happen or simple questions need to be asked. For example, a medical provider may need to provide test results or gather insurance information, these are simple conversations that need to take place but don’t necessarily need a full on-site interpretation. Telephone interpretation is also ideal for law enforcement officers who may work in an area of town that is predominantly inhabited by a local foreign population. The officer may be called out to a home because of a break in and needs the assistance of a telephone interpreter in order to understand all of the details the non-English speaking individual is providing.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI):

VRI utilizes telecommunication software in order to provide language services through an online platform that can be accessed by anyone located anywhere. VRI is user friendly and can be pre-scheduled or used on-demand with wait times as low as five minutes. This innovative and modern twist on language services marries the benefits of on-site interpretation with the on-demand nature of telephone interpretation. VRI keeps the audio as well as visual aspects of interpretation intact allowing it to be used as a remote interpretation service for deaf individuals. VRI allows sign language interpreters and deaf individuals the ability to see facial expressions, body language and hand gestures which are all major factors in understanding and communicating in sign language. VRI provides endless communication opportunities and positive interactions in many different settings for the Deaf community.

VRI is a wonderful option in emergency medical situations where there is no time to wait on an interpreter to arrive and when telephone interpretation is not enough. VRI carts in medical facilities are simply tablets connected to carts on wheels that can be rolled around and moved from room to room with ease. In cases of medical emergencies, a VRI cart can be brought in at the time of a patient’s arrival and a connection with an on-demand interpreter can be made within five minutes allowing information to begin to be collected. Time is critical, this is why VRI is such a great asset when language barriers are faced in emergency medical situations. Often times location and demographic limitations can prevent an interpreter from being able to be physically present. VRI is the solution allowing interpretation services to take place even in the most remote and isolated places. Occasionally you will run into a situation where you need the aid of an interpreter who speaks a language that is not common. In most instances it will be difficult for your language service company to find an interpreter in the area that speaks the language you need. This is where VRI can really outshine other interpretation services, VRI is conducted via the internet, so it is always possible for you to be provided with an interpreter that fits your needs.

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