Website Localization Allows You to Get Noticed In International Consumer Markets:

People have long been fascinated with things that are different from what they are use too and thanks to the internet buying products from anywhere in the world is now possible. More and more people are becoming interested in international offerings and with the ease in ability to buy products online, businesses are taking advantage of website localization in order to entice and appeal to diverse consumer markets. Websites are a businesses most vital resource when deciding which platform to use to reach global markets. Website localization allows a company to gain exposure through carefully adapting their website to meet the linguistic and cultural requirements of a specific target markets locale. Website localization takes the intended meaning of a concept and adjusts it to thrive just as well as the original in a different language and culture.

Top Ten Languages of the Internet in Order:

The top ten languages make up for 77.1% of world wide web users, the remaining 22.9% are speakers of various other languages. In the past 17 years the number of Chinese internet users has increased 2,390.9%, Spanish internet users 1,758.5%, Arabic internet users 8,616.0% and Japanese internet users 3,434.0%.

  • English, 25.5% of Internet Users
  • Chinese, 20.4% of Internet Users
  • Spanish, 7.9% of Internet Users
  • Arabic, 4.6% of Internet Users
  • Portuguese, 4.1% of Internet Users
  • Malaysia, 4.1% of Internet Users
  • Japanese, 3.2% of Internet Users
  • Russian, 2.8% of Internet Users
  • French, 2.7% of Internet Users
  • German, 2.2% of Internet Users

This information is key in knowing which audience to target, understanding which countries show the most internet usage growth can lead your company to increased sales and a boost in customer base.

Website Localization Increases Your Customer Base:

Investing in website localization allows shoppers to feel at ease when navigating through your site due to the fact they can actually understand and relate to the information, images and marketing displayed. A person must feel compelled to make a purchase and if they cant read the product content and overview why would they have any interest in paying for it. When accommodations are made in consideration of the shopper, it makes them feel thought about and catered to, in turn gaining their trust and turning them into customers. When a person feels good about a purchase from a company who went the extra mile, they tell their family and friends about it, which is organic marketing. Word of mouth is the best form of recommendation, by taking the initiative to have your website localized you’re investing in the well-being and longevity of your company in foreign markets.

Website Localization Boosts Sales and Gives You a Competitive Edge:

If you’re interested in gaining a competitive edge, website localization allows you to penetrate overseas markets that are virtually untouched by competitors in your industry. Common Sense Advisory reports, 56.2% of consumers stated, being able to read content in their native language was more important to them than price of the product. These statistics are telling you there are people waiting to pay top dollar for your products or services online, they just need to be able to read and understand the information on your website. Website localization allows your company to stand out from the rest because customers remember companies and websites that accommodate their specific language needs.

Growing your business through targeting linguistically diverse consumer markets is a creative and successful way to target todays modern shoppers. If you’re ready to gain new customers, a competitive edge and boost sales, hiring a language service company (LSC) is the first step in achieving website localization success. Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a LSC that can help your business shape your target markets view of your brand in a positive and well received manner. Contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. today if you’re ready to explore all the advantages website localization has to offer.
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