Selling Products to Modern Shoppers:

For a business to sell products successfully, its imperative to fully understand the audience being targeted. Understanding who you’re speaking to is key in knowing how to communicate with them effectively through marketing. When you understand your target audience, you’re better able to attract and entice them to buy your products through appropriate marketing strategies. Targeting markets who speak a different language is a great tactic being used to gain an edge against robust competition. If you want to appeal to linguistically and culturally diverse consumer markets and turn them into paying and returning customers, you need to start speaking their language. Language services such as website localization and transcreation help businesses create customized marketing strategies that get the attention of the audiences they are trying to reach.

Website Localization:

Common Sense Advisory surveyed 3,000 online shoppers, spanning across 10 countries to find, 60% rarely or never buy products or services from websites who only provide content in English. Only 26% of the world’s internet population operates in English, this is why businesses are expanding by means of website localization in order to attract diverse consumer markets online. Many businesses are setting aside a budget for website localization in hopes to stay current in this age of technology and appeal to the diverse modern shopper.

Statistics from the CSA Survey:

  • 75% of online shoppers prefer to buy products in their native language
  • 30% of the 3,000 respondents never buy at English-language sites, and another 29% rarely do
  • Automotive and financial services are the products that consumers are least likely to buy if the website is not in their native language
  • Exactly half would prefer that at least the navigation elements and some content appear in their language, and another 17% strongly share that preference

A localized website allows targeted shoppers to find what they’re looking for easily and get answers to questions regarding products without having to contact a sales representative. Website localization goes beyond simply translating the content on a website. The overall goal of website localizations is to provide customers with a user-friendly, effective and well-received customized website that allows the display and provided information about your products to flourish in the targeted language.


It’s important for businesses to create a marketing strategy ensuring a successful development and acceptance of their brands and products amongst targeted consumers who speak a different language. Effectively communicating your brand value in linguistically diverse markets leads to increase sales and growth in your customer base. Transcreation is a language service aiming to help businesses meet consumer demands when deploying their offerings to a linguistically diverse target audience. A successfully transcreated marketing message allows your brand and products to connect to your target audience on an emotional, mental and visual level, enticing them to make the purchase.

There are many considerations that need to be taken into account prior to releasing your brand to a diverse consumer market. For example, if you sell athletic wear and are introducing your brand to a Middle Eastern consumer market who speaks Arabic, advertising, photography and items sold in your line may need to be altered or customized to fit the demographic. Items such as shorts and sleeveless shirts may not sell well due to that not being an acceptable form of clothing in that culture, and can be viewed as offensive or disrespectful. Examples like this can open your eyes to the much needed aid of a professional language service company who can help you customize your marketing through transcreation in order to appeal to your target audience. When wanting to expand your offerings to consumer bases who speak a different language, hiring a reputable language service company is the first step to take. They can localize your website and transcreate your marketing materials in order to attract and interest the market you’re targeting. Taking a new approach to growing your business through targeting linguistically diverse consumer markets is a creative and successful way to target todays modern shoppers.

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