Interpretation Services Are Commonly Used Throughout Modern Communities:

In this day and age its common for companies in every industry to utilize professional interpretation services to aid in communicating with limited English proficient (LEP) clients, patients, employees or customers. As our country continues to rapidly diversify, the demand for professional interpretation services will continue to rise. Some companies, organizations and facilities are already using interpretation services on a regular if not daily basis. Healthcare facilities constantly rely on the aid interpretation services provide in helping them take optimal care of LEP patients. Legal workers and court systems depend on the invaluable service in order to accurately communicate with LEP clients regarding details of the case, testimonies and hearings in the courtroom. With such frequent usage, buyers of professional interpretation services want to know how they can reduce the amount of money they are spending and stay within a feasible budget.

Reducing Money Spent on Professional Interpretation Services:

Buyers of professional interpretation services are fully aware that on-site interpretation is considered the best method of interpretation due to the interpreter being physically present for the session. Being physically present allows for an extremely accurate and clear interpretation because the interpreter is able to not only hear but see and feel the actual essence of the conversation at hand. Additional costs and an hourly minimum are normally associated with the usage of on-site interpretation services. When scheduling an on-site interpreter, the buyer of the interpretation service is normally held responsible for paying for the minimum time requirement, the interpreter’s gas used and mileage accrued during travel time to the location in which the interpretation will take place. What happens when a simple conversation needs to take place, small bits of information need to be collected or an appointment needs to be confirmed, is it necessary to incur the costs associated with on-site interpretation for a three to five minute conversation?

Alternative Interpretation Solutions:

Over-The-Phone (OPI) Interpretation:

OPI is extremely cost effective and is a great alternative interpretation solution to use when wanting to reduce the amount of money spent on additional costs sometimes associated with on-site interpretation. OPI is very easy to use and rapidly provides access to interpreters in numerous languages and dialects. When utilizing over-the-phone interpretation services, you are charged by the minute so you only pay for the time spent on the phone with the interpreter and are not held responsible for paying a minimum hourly rate or travel charges that accompany on-site interpretation services. When short conversations need to take place and there is no need for a full on on-site interpretation session, OPI can be a valuable resource in breaking down language barriers.  

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI):

VRI is an innovative language service that marries the benefits of on-site interpretation with the on-demand nature of over-the-phone interpretation. VRI keeps the audio as well as visual aspects of an interpretation intact allowing it to be used as a remote interpretation service for sign as well as spoken language interpretation. VRI is user-friendly and can be pre-scheduled or used on-demand with wait times as low as five minutes. All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer and access to the internet and you can be connected to a professional interpreter through a sophisticated online platform. VRI, like OPI is an extremely cost effective solution when wanting to reduce costs associated with professional interpretation services. Just like OPI, VRI is charged by the minute and you only pay for the time spent with the interpreter. If you regularly are in need of interpretation services, its a great idea to set up a VRI station in your office or facility. Employees can be trained on how to quickly and effectively access an interpreter and you can reduce costs while continuing to benefit from the vast features VRI provides.

Reducing costs associated with interpretation services can be done by taking advantage of the various remote interpretation services offered by professional language service companies (LSC). Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a language service company with over 20 years of experience providing quality and cost effective interpretation services to a variety of professionals. It’s important to accommodate diversity within our communities and interpretation services do just that. You can accommodate your LEP customers, clients, employees or patients without exceeding the budget you set aside for interpretation expenses. Contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. today and get started on reducing the money you spend on professional interpretation services.

Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise with 20 years of language service experience. A global network of highly skilled interpreters and translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-site, telephonic and video remote interpretation services. Our linguists are available in over 350 languages and dialects, and our network includes certified interpreters and translators. Our work is guaranteed with a $1 Million Errors & Omissions policy, so that you can be confident that your project will be completed with the highest level of quality and professionalism within the field. For more information contact us at 1-877-567-8449 or visit our website at www.nilservices.com.

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