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Sign Language Interpretation Services Are Needed in the United States:

There are around 1 million individuals using American Sign Language (ASL) in the United States as their main method of communication. 

According to the Communication Services for the Deaf, Reported By Newsweek:

  • 98% of deaf people do not receive education in sign language
  • 72% of families do not sign with their deaf children
  • 70% of deaf people don’t work or are underemployed
  • 1 in 4 deaf people has left a job due to discrimination

There are many people in the United States who use ASL as their main form of communication, accommodations must be made in order to break down language barriers and eliminate discrimination faced by the Deaf community. There is a lack of education regarding the subject and a dire need to eliminate the discrimination faced by this community. It’s vital to provide ASL users with equal access to mainstream services and offerings by accommodating language needs through the provision of professional Sign Language interpretation services

Professional Sign Language interpreters are hired to ensure communication can take place. Sign Language interpretation services allow deaf individuals the ability to accurately express themselves and engage in communication when there is a language barrier present. The professional interpretation services used to provide sign language interpretation are on-site interpretation and video remote interpretation (VRI). However, when compared, is one professional language service better than the other? First, let’s get a clear understanding of what exactly a professional American Sign Language interpreter does.

Professional American Sign Language Interpreters:

Professional Sign Language interpreters are well versed in the Deaf community’s language, culture, customs and interests. This full awareness allows for the interpreter to clearly and concisely conduct the interpretation. American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters are trained to utilize manual and visual approaches to communicate. They rely on facial expressions, body language, cultural impact and emotional perception in order to convey intended messages. 

On-Site Interpretation Services for Sign Language Interpretation:

On-site interpretation is conducted face-to-face, which permits all individuals involved the advantage of reading body language and facial expressions which sets up for an accurate and effective sign language interpretation session. On-site interpretation sessions are great to use when the information being exchanged is sensitive in nature or emotionally challenging. The physical presence of the ASL interpreter can oftentimes allow for an emotional ease when delivering information. On-site interpretation works well when there are a lot of directions being given, like during a physical therapy appointment. Onsite interpretation services are a great language solution for interactions between lawyers and clients, depositions, hearings, doctors visits, court appearances or any other matter where there is a need to communicate but a language barrier is present.  

For a long time on-site interpretation was the only option when it came to providing sign language interpretation services. Comparing On-Site Interpretation and Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), When Providing Sign Language Interpretation Services: Part 2, will delve into the technologically advanced method of providing sign language interpretation services. The language service industry has evolved with modern technological advancements and has developed a remote language service that allows for sign language to be conducted remotely. Read Part 2 of this article, publishing Friday, December 6th, 2019 to learn how to incorporate the usage of both on-site interpretation and video remote interpretation (VRI) in order to provide sign language interpretation services. 

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