Understanding Why Translation is Necessary:

The sheer amount of linguistic diversity in the United States is absolutely astonishing. Slator published an article referencing the statistic found in the American Community Survey which states there is more that 20% (66 million) U.S. residents who speak a language other than English at home. 

Key Findings From the American Community Survey:

  • In the 5 largest cities in the United States, 48% of residents speak a language other than English at home. In New York City and Houston it is 49%; in Los Angeles it is 59%; in Chicago it is 36%; and in Phoenix it is 38%.
  • Of the individuals polled who speak a foreign language at home, 25.9 million (39%) reported to the Census Bureau they speak English less than very well. 
  • Languages with more than a million speakers in 2017 were Spanish (41 million); Chinese (3.5 million); Tagalog (1.7 million); Vietnamese (1.5 million); Arabic (1.2 million); French (1.2 million); and Korean (1.1 million).
  • States with the largest share of their populations speaking a foreign language at home in 2017 were California (44%); Texas (36%); New Mexico (33%); New Jersey (32%); New York and Nevada (both 31%); Florida (3%); Arizona (27%); Hawaii (26%); and Massachusetts (24%).

With such diversity, it’s easy to see how the American workforce is now seeing an influx of workers who are considered limited English proficient (LEP). LEP individuals have a hard time reading, speaking, writing and understanding the English language. Regardless of the language barrier, people must work in order to make money and live in this country. More and more companies are hiring LEP individuals and are investing in professional translation services in order to bridge the language gap. 

Professional Translation Services Aid Companies and Allow Human Resource (HR) Departments to Work More Efficiently:    

If you have LEP employees, it’s vital to invest in professional translation services. Ensure LEP employees are completely informed and fully aware of job duties, company policies and the benefits that are available to them. This can be achieved by providing information that has been translated into a language your employees understand. Introducing policies, procedures and company culture can be a daunting task, throwing a language barrier into the mix can allow many LEP individuals to get lost in translation. Having this vital company established information professionally translated can allow a smooth flow of concepts and understanding to be passed along to your LEP employees. Having safety information translated can aid in ensuring compliance across the board and can also establish an understanding of safety regulations from the beginning.   

Providing translated documentation eliminates confusion and ensures clarity across linguistic divides. When a person understands information from the beginning and is provided with the proper tools, guidance and paperwork in a language they understand, it prevents misunderstandings and costly issues down the line. Don’t hesitate to make the necessary accommodations needed to ensure your LEP employees are provided with the same information and opportunities as your English speaking employees. 

 Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a professional language service company (LSC) that can provide you with professional translation services. Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a reputable LSC with over 20 years of experience in the language service industry. They have a large network of highly trained and qualified translators able to help you with all your translation needs. Don’t allow your LEP employees to be in the dark regarding vital company information which can result in unwanted and negative outcomes, contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. to ensure accuracy, professionalism and the highest quality translation in the field.  

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