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Positivity is Key to the Success of an Interpretation Session:

Oftentimes, when engaged in an interpretation session feelings of stress, worry, anxiousness and concern flood the mind, making it hard to fully comprehend the information being provided. Language barriers have a way of not only interfering with communication but they can prevent proper medical treatment from being administered and even prevent justice from taking place in legal settings. It’s vital in such stressful situations to ensure a positive demeanor is being exhibited by all individuals involved.

Interpreters are a link allowing people who speak different languages the ability to converse with one another. This role requires strong leadership and the maintenance of a positive attitude for the duration of the interpretation session. When an interpreter maintains a positive demeanor it allows all parties involved to gain assurance, keep an open mind and it also reduces the stress and frustration that can be associated with language barriers. The following are a few tips that can help not only interpreters but LEP individuals and buyers of interpretation services to better maintain a positive demeanor, manage stress and respond with a good attitude during an interpretation session.

Example 1. This Example is for a Buyer of Interpretation Services:

When speaking to people its always best to consider your word choice, choosing positive and encouraging words are a great way to get your point across and set the necessary solutions for moving forward.

Perhaps you’re a doctor who treats many LEP patients and you have a patient who speaks Spanish coming in for an appointment. You hire a professional language service company (LSC) to supply you with a medical interpreter in order for you to explain test results and treatment options. When speaking with the LEP patient try to substitute negative words with positive words such as instead of saying there is a problem with your blood pressure, perhaps you say we are facing some challenges with your blood pressure and here is what we need to accomplish in order to lower it. Carefully choosing your words allows the LEP patient to feel as though there is something to be accomplished and a means to move forward. Choosing the wrong words can leave an LEP patient debilitated and stressed, on top of the fact that there is a language barrier present.

Example 2. This Example is for The Interpreter; Always Display a Positive Attitude:

Tension can be high during a legal discussion or when a doctor is treating a patient with a fatal illness, regardless of the situation or the information being exchanged, it’s imperative that an interpreter display a positive attitude at all times. Negative attitudes promote fear, and narrows focus, if the interpreter does not display a positive attitude proper communication can not be facilitated. The interpreter is in a leadership position, staying upbeat, smiling and encouraging accurate exchange of ideas, information  and emotions is the only way to successfully complete an interpretation session.

If you’re in need of professional interpretation services and want to ensure you will be provided with an interpreter who is skilled, qualified and experience, contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd., a LSC who values positive interactions and satisfied clients.   

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