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Language Barriers and Legal Services:

There are certain challenges faced when providing legal services to non-English speaking clients. When a language barrier is preventing communication from taking place, its an effective solution to incorporate the usage of professional legal language services. Communication is of the utmost importance when dealing with legal matters. Understanding and complete transparency is needed in order for lawyers to compile the information to create a case. With such an increase in diversity within the United States, its common to encounter language barriers in legal settings. This does not have to be detrimental to the interaction between your law firm and your non-English speaking clients. 

Legal Language Services Bridge Language Gaps:

Legal language services include on-site interpretation, over-the-phone interpretation (OPI), video remote interpreting (VRI) ,as well as translation. Translation is a wonderful resource when legal documents are at hand.our non-English speaking client needs to be able to read, understand, and sign vital documentation regarding their legal matter. Interpretation comes in various forms and can be utilized in various situations. Perhaps you need to make a quick phone call to your client to confirm a meeting date or to collect a small amount of information you need for an upcoming court case. You can simply and efficiently connect to an interpreter and your client through OPI. OPI is a wonderful legal language solution to use for quick exchanges that need to take place but don’t necessarily warrant an on-site interpretation session. On-site interpretation is a great legal language service for various meetings and interactions, and can be used in courtroom settings. The following is a list compiled of situations in which on-site interpretation is typically used when dealing with legal matters.

  • Legal Conferences
  • Trials
  • Depositions
  • Hearings
  • Consultations
  • Arbitration
  • Judicial Proceedings
  • Courtroom Appearances
  • Mediation
  • Examinations
  • Conferences Before Courtroom Appearances

On-site interpretation allows for the physical presence of a professional legal interpreter, this creates a very well rounded and efficient interpretation. Being physically present allows the interpreter the ability to not only hear the words being exchanged, but to read body language and pick up visual and emotional cues that greatly aid in creating an interpretation that is fully understood on all levels by everyone involved. Video remote interpreting (VRI) is a great alternative when there is not an on-site interpreter available in your specific location who speaks the language and dialect you need. VRI connects you to an interpreter via an online platform. The visual aspect is kept intact as to ensure VRI can remotely produce the same level of quality that an on-site interpretation session would produce. 

Legal Language Services Can Be Acquired Through a Partnership With a Professional Language Service Company (LSC):

When language barriers are faced in legal settings it’s always the best idea to incorporate the usage of professional legal language services. Hiring a professional legal interpreter or translator allows for an accurate, efficient and stress free exchange between you and your non-English speaking clients. Don’t allow a language barrier to prevent your law firm from extending legal services to individuals who do not speak English. Everyone deserves the right to professional legal services and that can be made possible through partnering with a professional language service company (LSC). Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a language service company (LSC) with over 20 years of experience in the language service industry. They are dedicated to quality and professionalism as to ensure their clients experience seamless communication. Their professional interpreters will always arrive on time and be prepared to deliver excellent services for all interpretation assignments; additionally, their strict quality control process assures they match your needs with the most qualified interpreter for you. Contact Niki’s Int’l Ltd. today and begin bridging language gaps between you and your non-English speaking clients with the incorporation of legal language services

Niki’s Int’l Ltd. is a WBENC-Certified Women Business Enterprise with 20 years of language service experience. A global network of highly skilled interpreters and translators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for on-site, telephonic and video remote interpretation services. Our linguists are available in over 350 languages and dialects, and our network includes certified interpreters and translators. Our work is guaranteed with a $1 Million Errors & Omissions policy, so that you can be confident that your project will be completed with the highest level of quality and professionalism within the field. For more information contact us at 1-877-567-8449 or visit our website at

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