Accommodating Diversity Through Localization Allows for Growth and a Boost in Revenue:

Asian American Localization: Part 1, discussed the data and statistics gathered regarding the Asian American population within the United States. Part 2 will further delve into the information that will allow businesses to take advantage of the diversity by tailoring marketing materials in order to convert diverse consumer markets into loyal customers of your brand. Asian Americans are the fastest growing diverse consumer group in the United States, this type of growth in our population could mean big bucks for companies willing to invest and undergo the process of localization. 

Jeff Humphreys, author of the Multicultural Economy Report from the University of Georgia Terry College of Business and director of the Selig Center stated, “As America grows more diverse, minority groups are reaping great economic dividends, and business owners would do well to pay attention.” Minority buying power is growing at a faster pace than the white consumer market for a number of reasons, such as demographics, increases in educational attainment and entrepreneurial activity.”

Localization Example; Targeting The Vietnamese Population in The United States:

There are certain states in America that are heavily populated with diverse groups of people. Slate created an infographic back in 2014 showcasing  the Census Bureau’s information from the, “American Community Survey (ACS).” The infographic displays every state and the most common languages spoken in that state other than English or Spanish. Vietnamese is widely spoken throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska and Washington. 

Background Information Regarding The Vietnamese Population in America (Information Regarding Your Target Market is Vital When Undergoing the Process of Localization):

According to the Migration Policy Institute, the Vietnamese immigration population has nearly doubled in amount every decade between the years of 1980 and 2000, to then increase by 26% in the 2000’s. 1.3 million Veiatnamese individuals (3% of the population) resided in the United States in 2017. The Vietnamese population includes 44.5 million immigrants and represents the 6th largest foreign-born group in the country.

What Does All This Information Mean for Your Business and Your Localization Efforts?:

Perhaps you run a business, law office, insurance company or healthcare facility in one of the above mentioned regions that occupy large Vietnamese populations. Soley providing content in English will inhibit or prevent sales of your products or services. Common Sense Advisory’s article entitled, “Can’t Read Won’t Buy,” is an interesting article about how a lack of language understanding can steer potential customers away from your offerings. When a person can not read or understand your marketing materials and tactics as well as your website content you become an irrelevant option. Communicating with your target market in their native language is the only way of attaining a chance at their business. 

Investing in professional localization services is a sign of success and growth. Localization allows you to find new opportunities in which to engage with linguistically and culturally diverse potential customers. Displaying an understanding for your target markets language, culture, and traditions through localization builds trust. Localization enhances the consumer experience and gives you an opportunity to target multiple consumer groups at once. It’s vital when wanting to expand into diverse consumer markets to transcend language and cultural barriers in order to establish an awareness and presence of your brand. The investment in localization services generates a long-term financial return that is essentially immeasurable due to the amount of new customers that will be reached, take that step towards the turning point in your business’s success.

“Asian American Localization: Part 3,” will delve deep into the process of localization, allowing you to understand just what the creative service does in order to allow your company to gain a competitive edge and multiple avenues of revenue.

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