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Working with a Simultaneous Interpreter

The Invaluable Role of a Simultaneous Interpreter: Simultaneous interpreters can be found working in a variety of settings such as at the United Nations conferences, courtrooms, schools and healthcare facilities. Simultaneous interpreters are highly trained professionals who are able to listen to one language, process the information and speak simultaneously in another, conveying words, nuances,…

telephone interpretation services

Over-The-Phone Interpretation (OPI) Services

OPI In High Demand: Over-the-Phone (OPT) interpretation services are very effective when a limited English proficient (LEP) individual needs immediate attention or when there’s relatively simple dialogue to engage in quickly and efficiently. Professionals from various industries are taking advantage of the vast benefits OPI provide and relying on the interpretation service regularly in order…

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Language Barriers Can Put Limited English Proficient (LEP) Patients in Danger

Language Proficiency and Adverse Events in US Hospitals: A Pilot Study: Objective: To examine differences in the characteristics of adverse events between English speaking patients and patients with limited English proficiency in US hospitals.   Results: About 49.1% of limited English proficient patient adverse events involved some physical harm whereas only 29.5% of adverse events…


Why Machine Translation Will Never Replace Human Translation

Unprecedented Advancements in Machine Translation: Technological advancements allow people to seamlessly connect with others regardless of their location in the world. Despite this modern time of connectivity, language barriers still prevent communication from occurring in many aspects of life. Language service providers now more than ever are heavily relied on to facilitate communication in healthcare,…

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Language Services

Accommodate Linguistic Diversity with Language Services: Organizations, businesses and facilities across the United States are now more than ever utilizing various language services in order to accommodate and provide language access to limited English proficient (LEP) individuals. Bridging language gaps and ensuring communication is facilitated is important in order to provide healthcare, legal advice, and…


Legal Interpretation Services Are Invaluable Resources

Legal Interpretation Prevents Injustice: Language barriers complicate matters, but when they are faced in legal situations it’s imperative interpretation services are provided in order to ensure everyone is on the same page. Not providing legal interpretation services can prevent justice from being served and can also put limited English proficient (LEP) individuals at risk of…