language barriers

Infringing on a Person’s Rights and Breaking the Law by Not Providing a Medical Interpreter

Providing Access to a Medical Interpreter is the Law: The rapid growth in our populations diversity, has left workers in healthcare facilities across the United States scrambling to effectively provide care for limited English proficient (LEP) and deaf patients. Commonly encountered language barriers are preventing medical staff from understanding, communicating and providing quality care to…


Language Services Make Communicating with International Business Partners a Breeze

International Communication Between Businesses is on the Rise: Businesses are now more than ever, looking to integrate their offerings into international consumer markets and develop professional relationships with diverse partners. Expanding business across borders has become increasingly more accessible for all types of businesses, which has multiplied the opportunities for international communication. Developing business relationships…


Avoiding Translation Scams

Be Aware of Translation Scams: Many important documents are in need of translation in order to conduct business or provide services to the many limited English proficient (LEP) individuals living in the United States. Medical history, legal agreements, governmental aid applications amongst other important documentation, oftentimes need to be translated. As the demand for translation…


Use Localization to Target Consumers in Diverse Metropolitan Cities

Large Metropolitan Cities Attract Diverse People: Large metropolitan cities attract people from all over the world wanting to live near beautiful architecture, an assortment of restaurants, easy transportation systems, public parks and amazing entertainment options. The appeal is attractive to many, so naturally the population of these large cities is extremely culturally and linguistically diverse.…