The Benefits of Using Niki’s Int’l Ltd. Interpretation & Translation Agency

There are many companies and individuals around the globe who use professional language services to can help them communicate their message to different type of audience. On the other hand, there are companies and individuals who believe that using professional translation or interpretation services is an unnecessary luxury, especially when we have free software available…


Current Language Translation Trends

There are literally hundreds of translation firms all over the world and thanks to the internet these services are available for people regardless of their current location. But, not all translation companies are providing services with the same quality. All major translation firms are following the latest trends in the field of translation in order…

video remote interpreting

Medical Translation & Interpretation Myths Busted!

The market for medical translators and interpreters is complex and highly diverse. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be over 83,000 new jobs for medical translators and interpreters created by 2020. Translation and interpretation services are gaining greater importance as global expansion becomes widespread throughout the healthcare industry. Medical translation and…


Using Medical Interpretation for a Better Quality of Healthcare

In today’s melting pot society every industry, including healthcare, faces the challenge of communicating with and providing services to non-English speakers. When doctors cannot understand what patients are trying to explain, or vice versa, the quality of the healthcare services can be negatively affected. To improve the quality of healthcare for non-English speakers, medical facilities…