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Use Transcreation Services to Attract Diverse Markets Within the United States

The United States Demographic Has Changed,  Establishing a Need for Transcreation Services: When business owners decide on targeting new consumer markets, they often forget about the diverse markets living in their own backyards. 50 plus years ago white anglo-saxon protestants dominated the American population, thus companies who solely marketed to that consumer base tended to…

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Combating Poor Translation

Poor Translation is Running Rapid in Beijing, China: When you’re traveling in a country other than your own, you will more than likely come across at least a few poorly translated and humorous signs, menus or advertisements. “Beware of safety,” “Please wait outside a noodle,” and “Enjoy the fresh air after you finish civilized urinating,”…


When is Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) Best for You?

VRI Has Opened Many Doors in the Language Service Industry: The language service industry developed a solution that utilizes telecommunication software in order to provide language services through an online platform that can be accessed by anyone anywhere. Video remote interpretation (VRI) connects you with an interpreter through a sophisticated web-based platform. The service is…

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Transcreation Prevents Language Barriers From Negatively Impacting Globalization

Marketing is Not Always Universal, Transcreation is the Answer Marketing is essentially about standing out and finding the most cutting edge, innovative way to present your products to your target audience. There’s an overwhelming amount of products to choose from when shopping so, aside from product quality, creative marketing is the best way to shine…

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Recognizing the Need for Professional Medical Interpretation Services

Medical Interpretation is Needed in Our Diverse Communities In California, an assembly bill dedicated $3 million dollars to funding a study that will examine procedures and launch a medical interpretation pilot program for Medi-Cal patients. Medi-Cal is the California Medical Assistance Program; it’s California’s Medicaid program serving low-income individuals, families, seniors, people with disabilities, children…