Why Translation Matters in Our Society

Translation is used for many purposes and most companies spanning across all industries in our culturally diverse communities use translation services on a regular basis. Literary works, legal documents, medical records, forms, and advertisements are all items that are commonly translated. According to the Ethnologue catalogue of world languages, there are 6,909 distinct languages in…

video remote interpreting

Telephonic and Video Remote Interpretation Services for Everyday Appointments

Language Services For Every Situation: Language service providers strategically design language solutions that allow interpreters to facilitate communication regardless of the language or your location in the world. Everyday, limited English proficient (LEP) patients are placed in situations during appointments where they are unable to effectively express themselves. Its during these times that they would…

website localization

Transcreation and Website Localization, What is the Difference?

Sprout New Business Growth With Transcreation and Localization Services If you’re a business owner who sells products or services internationally or perhaps to a non-English speaking audience in America, then you have probably heard of the terms  transcreation and localization. These language services are designed to help businesses reach target audiences who do not speak…