Interesting Facts Regarding Localization

International Expansion Requires Localization: Globalization cannot be achieved without the aid of localization, a language service aiming to translate content and marketing material in order to appeal and entice a specific target market. Any business interested in expanding their offerings to an international consumer market, should invest in professional localization services. More and more people…


Maintaining a Positive Demeanor During an Interpretation Session

Positivity is Key to the Success of an Interpretation Session: Oftentimes, when engaged in an interpretation session feelings of stress, worry, anxiousness and concern flood the mind, making it hard to fully comprehend the information being provided. Language barriers have a way of not only interfering with communication but they can prevent proper medical treatment…


Characteristics of a Qualified Interpreter

Interpretation is a Highly Skilled Profession: Whether you’re connecting with an on-site interpreter, a telephone interpreter or a video remote interpreter its imperative superior skills, qualifications and expert knowledge of the languages spoken are readily provided. Interpretation is a highly specialized profession that takes years of commitment, dedication, education and experience to master and even…

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Every Business, Organization and Facility Can Benefit From Professional Language Services: As the demand for language services has rapidly increased over the years, the language service industry has developed convenient solutions that aid in breaking down language barriers faced in any industry. Anyone regularly doing business with or providing services to limited English proficient (LEP)…


Tips to Improve Access to Professional Interpreters

A High Demand for Professional Interpreters: Utilizing professional interpretation services has become an everyday occurrence due to the increase in linguistic and cultural diversity within American communities. Whether you’re interacting, selling to or providing services to limited English proficient (LEP) individuals, it’s important to ensure effective and accurate communication is being facilitated. The only way…