Open to Interpretation; A Breakdown of Professional Interpretation Services

The Basics of Professional Interpretation Services: Interpretation is the facilitation of signed or spoken language communication used when people want to correspond with one another but speak different languages. Professional interpreters render the message from the source language into the target language while skillfully preserving the content, intent and tone of the message. Interpretation helps…

medical interpreter

Immigrants Are in Dire Need of A Professional Medical Interpreter; Part 2

Not Providing a Medical Interpreter Can Result in Detrimental Outcomes: Laws have been established in order to prevent limited English proficient (LEP) individuals in America from being put at risk of receiving poor patient care due to language barriers. Miscommunication and using unqualified bilingual staff, friends and family members to act as a medical interpreter…

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Immigrants Are in Dire Need of A Professional Medical Interpreter; Part 1

Professional Medical Interpreters Are Required When Caring for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Patients: Marlon Munoz, once an informal medical interpreter between English speaking doctors and Spanish speaking family and friends, was well acquainted with the less than ideal work of delivering diagnosis to patients. On one occasion he had to carry the burden of telling…

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Not All Translators Are The Same; Choosing The Translator That’s Right for You

Translation Projects Need to be Assigned to the Appropriate Translator: If you’re in need of professional translation services, it’s best to be paired with a translator who is most fitting for your specific needs. Translation is the process of converting content from the source language into the target language, in an understandable way without changing…