Transcreation Services

What is Transcreation? Transcreation is a professional language service that allows companies to gain attention from diverse consumer markets by linguistically, culturally and emotionally appealing to their senses through customized marketing. Transcreation creates, adapts and develops marketing messages and materials so they can transcend language and cultural barriers in order to increase consumer bases, drive…


What to Know Before Using Machine Translation Software

Current News Regarding Advancements in Machine Translation Technology: Machine translation software has truly advanced and developed at a rapid pace over the last few years. Enough so that Google claimed it’s neural machine translation (NMT) system produces translations that are “nearly indistinguishable” to that of human translations. The Google Neural Translation Team stated, “The quality…


The Positive Impact Interpretation Services Have on LEP Patient Care

The Vital Importance of Interpretation Services in The United States: In a review regarding the impact of medical interpretation services on the quality of healthcare, Glenn Flores wrote, “Five database searches yielded 2,640 citations and a final database of 36 articles, after applying exclusion criteria. Multiple studies document that quality of care is compromised when…