Characteristics of a Qualified Interpreter

Interpretation is a Highly Skilled Profession: Whether you’re connecting with an on-site interpreter, a telephone interpreter or a video remote interpreter its imperative superior skills, qualifications and expert knowledge of the languages spoken are readily provided. Interpretation is a highly specialized profession that takes years of commitment, dedication, education and experience to master and even…


Tips to Improve Access to Professional Interpreters

A High Demand for Professional Interpreters: Utilizing professional interpretation services has become an everyday occurrence due to the increase in linguistic and cultural diversity within American communities. Whether you’re interacting, selling to or providing services to limited English proficient (LEP) individuals, it’s important to ensure effective and accurate communication is being facilitated. The only way…


Interpretation Services in the Classroom

As diversity in American classrooms continues to grow, so will the need for professional educational interpretation services. Providing educational interpretation services promotes the development of English language skills and supports the educational goals and outcomes of this particular demographic of student. Making adaptations and accommodations to aid in the educational progression of these students is…