What to Know Before Using Machine Translation Software

Current News Regarding Advancements in Machine Translation Technology: Machine translation software has truly advanced and developed at a rapid pace over the last few years. Enough so that Google claimed it’s neural machine translation (NMT) system produces translations that are “nearly indistinguishable” to that of human translations. The Google Neural Translation Team stated, “The quality…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Localization

What is Localization? In this era of globalization, operating on an international level is becoming the norm due to the vast opportunities and benefits it provides. Many businesses are looking to localization in order to gain exposure through carefully adapting marketing material. Localization refers to the adaptation of a product, content, packaging, website or marketing…


The Benefits of Remote Interpretation Services

Interpretation Services Can Be Provided Without the Physical Presence of an On-Site Interpreter: Interpretation services are invaluable resources used to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps in various settings. Oftentimes, for simple exchanges or in emergency situations, on-site interpretation is not needed or there is not enough time to wait on an interpreter to arrive. Remote…


Tips for a Successful Legal Interpretation

Legal Interpretation is a Necessity in Our Diverse Communities: According to the Census Bureau there are over 350 languages and dialects spoken in the United States. The rapid influx of linguistic diversity is oftentimes causing confusion in our court systems. Clear communication is needed for lawyers to do their jobs and judges and juries to…


What Transcreation Can Do for Your Business

Transcreation Can Make Your Brand Relevant in Diverse Markets: Globalization is on the rise and business owners across various industries are noticing the advantages transcreation can provide when expansion is the goal. Business owners make the decision to offer their products globally in order to gain exposure to diverse markets, boost brand recognition and appeal…