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Not All Translators Are The Same; Choosing The Translator That’s Right for You

Translation Projects Need to be Assigned to the Appropriate Translator: If you’re in need of professional translation services, it’s best to be paired with a translator who is most fitting for your specific needs. Translation is the process of converting content from the source language into the target language, in an understandable way without changing…

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Language Services Greatly Aid Insurance Companies

Everyone Needs Insurance, Regardless of the Language You Speak: Having medical, automotive, life, homeowners or property insurance acts as a safeguarded for people when unforeseen events occur. The assurance that insurance provides is invaluable and allows people to financially be prepared for worst case scenarios. Effective and accurate communication is mandatory in order for policyholders…

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Interpretation and Translation Services for Banks and Financial Institutions

Modern Diverse Clients Are in Need of Professional Interpretation and Translation Services: The financial service industry is at the forefront of developing and creating new avenues of revenue by providing services to the rapidly growing multicultural consumer markets thriving in America. Banks, mortgage lenders, investment management firms, credit unions, credit card companies, and any other…

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Interpretation Services Combat Challenges Faced By LEP Patients When Communicating with Healthcare Workers

Real Life Situations Require the Support of Professional Interpretation Services: Bopha Ngun, a 76 year old Cambodian woman was scheduled for cataract surgery, a procedure that removes the lens of your eye that has become cloudy and replaces it with a clear artificial lens. The surgery is normally done with laser assisted technology, takes around…