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Indigenous Language Barriers Faced in Immigration Court

There’s a Shortage of Court Interpreters Who Speak Indigenous Languages: Illinois immigration courts are falling short at providing professional court interpreters who speak an indigenous Mayan language called Q’anjob’al. The language is spoken by close to 550 people in the Champaign-Urbana area. The National Immigrant Justice Center, reported an increase in Q’anjob’al speaking immigrants over…

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Transcreation Checklist

Transcreation Success: If your company is interested in expanding internationally or perhaps targeting culturally diverse domestic markets, you have probably come across the term transcreation. Transcreation is a language service helping companies gain attention from diverse consumer markets by linguistically, culturally and emotionally appealing to their senses. Creating and adapting a marketing message that transcends…

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Translation Requires Precision; Translating Pharmaceutical Content (Part One)

Poor Translation Has The Chinese Pharmaceutical Industry Updating Nation Wide Requirements: A Chinese pharmaceutical company, based in the Guangdong Province, was issued a warning letter from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for improperly translating a drug label. The letter stated the Guangdong Zhanjiang Jimin Pharmaceutical Co. violated regulations when it labeled an over-the-counter…


Use Transcreation Services to Attract Diverse Markets Within the United States

The United States Demographic Has Changed,  Establishing a Need for Transcreation Services: When business owners decide on targeting new consumer markets, they often forget about the diverse markets living in their own backyards. 50 plus years ago white anglo-saxon protestants dominated the American population, thus companies who solely marketed to that consumer base tended to…

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Combating Poor Translation

Poor Translation is Running Rapid in Beijing, China: When you’re traveling in a country other than your own, you will more than likely come across at least a few poorly translated and humorous signs, menus or advertisements. “Beware of safety,” “Please wait outside a noodle,” and “Enjoy the fresh air after you finish civilized urinating,”…


When is Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) Best for You?

VRI Has Opened Many Doors in the Language Service Industry: The language service industry developed a solution that utilizes telecommunication software in order to provide language services through an online platform that can be accessed by anyone anywhere. Video remote interpretation (VRI) connects you with an interpreter through a sophisticated web-based platform. The service is…