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Interpretation Services Provided for People Seeking Government Assistance

55% of the American Population Has Received Government Assistance: The United States government offers more than 1,000 federal programs that aim to aid and assist individuals living in this country. There are programs set up to help many segments of our society; Social Security for retired people and disabled workers, Medicare for senior citizens, the…

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Poor Medical Translation Can Cause Harm to Non-English Speaking Patients

Poor Medical Translation Can Potentially Be Life Threatening: Trying to understand medical documents can be confusing and stressful, it’s hard for people to fully grasp the information given to them without an in depth explanation. Worry, lack of knowledge and being overwhelmed are aspects often faced when given medical information or instructions. It’s a tough…


Website Localization and Transcreation Help You Speak the Language of Your Target Market

Selling Products to Modern Shoppers: For a business to sell products successfully, its imperative to fully understand the audience being targeted. Understanding who you’re speaking to is key in knowing how to communicate with them effectively through marketing. When you understand your target audience, you’re better able to attract and entice them to buy your…

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Which Interpretation Service is Best for You: On-Site, Telephonic or VRI

Choosing the Right Interpretation Service For Your Needs: When an interpretation service is needed you want to make sure you’re choosing the service that best fits your situation. Interpretation services are being used more frequently by professionals from all industries, in order for you to make the best decision regarding the specific interpretation service you…

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The Significance of Interpretation Services in Modern Society

There is a High Demand for Interpretation Services Due to the Growth in Diversity within the United States: Many American businesses, facilities, and organizations are partnering with professional language service companies (LSC) in order to gain access to interpretation services. Bridging language gaps and ensuring communication is facilitated is important in order to provide healthcare,…

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Localization vs. Standardization, Targeting Modern Shoppers in the United States

Standardization: Standardization is a marketing strategy aimed to create uniformity in order for offerings to be viewed the same across all platforms. Standardization refers to companies using the same or similar marketing materials regardless of cultural or linguistic diversities amongst the audience being targeted. This form of marketing develops a cohesive appeal allowing consumers to…