Legal Proceedings Require a Court Interpreter

Using a Court Interpreter Ensures Equal Access to Justice: The rapidly changing demographic in America has left court systems and legal professionals faced with overcoming language barriers, preventing limited English proficient (LEP) individuals from understanding and communicating in legal settings. Clear understanding is needed in order for lawyers to do their jobs and judges and…


How Interpreters Power the United Nations

Interpreters Are the Glue that Hold the United Nations Together: Professional interpreters working for the United Nations connect people from many countries and aid in fostering peace, understanding and development between our governments. United Nations interpreters are workers in our society who receive the least amount of attention or recognition, however they play an invaluable…

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Why Simultaneous Interpreters Often Work in Groups

Simultaneous Interpretation, A Skill to be Revered: Simultaneous interpretation is a process of communicating across language and cultural barriers in order to provide a voice for individuals who don’t speak the language of the country they’re in. Highly trained professional interpreters are able to listen to one language, process the information and speak simultaneously in…