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FAQ’s: Website Localization

Do You Have to Have a Localized Website in Order to Have Effective International Sales? The answer is yes! Reaching an international market through an ecommerce site is a great way to penetrate various diverse markets, however, your target market must be able to read the content on your website in order to make purchases.…


Transcreation: Frequently Asked Questions

Learning a Bit About Creative Language Services: If you’re currently running a business of any kind, in any region of the world and are interested in gaining new customers, increasing sales and boosting your brand recognition, you’ve probably heard of the term transcreation. Expanding your business internationally or to domestically diverse markets can give you…


The Need for Professional Medical Interpreters

Medical Interpreters Are Invaluable in Modern Society: Medical interpreters play an invaluable role within our communities, they provide a service that allows limited English proficient (LEP) individuals the ability to understand information in a medical setting, regardless of the language they speak. Having a clear understanding of the facts and information at hand allows LEP…

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Language Services Greatly Aid Insurance Companies

Everyone Needs Insurance, Regardless of the Language You Speak: Having medical, automotive, life, homeowners or property insurance acts as a safeguarded for people when unforeseen events occur. The assurance that insurance provides is invaluable and allows people to financially be prepared for worst case scenarios. Effective and accurate communication is mandatory in order for policyholders…