The Dangers of Machine Translation For Localization Projects Part 1

What Does Localization Do For Companies: Localization is a creative language service that takes a companies marketing content including text, images, colors, overall aesthetic, website as well as website functionality and modifies it to entice and attract diverse consumer markets. Companies wanting to expand without investing in professional localization services tend to fall short in…

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Telephone Interpretation Services

What is Telephone Interpretation and When is the Best Time to Use It?: Telephone interpretation connects you and the limited-English proficient (LEP) individual you’re interacting with to a professional interpreter via the telephone. Telephone interpretation is extremely effective when you have an LEP individual who needs immediate attention or when you have a relatively simple…

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Going Global? Here is a Breakdown of Creative Language Services That Can Help

What Are Creative Language Services: More and more businesses are becoming interested in cutting out their piece of the global pie, which in turn has increased the need for creative language services. Language services are more than just translation and interpretation, certain services can be used to attract and entice diverse shoppers who will fall…

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Telephone Interpretation for Quick Exchanges and Short Interaction

Telephone Interpretation is an Invaluable Service: Telephone interpretation is a remote language service aiming to provide seamless communication between two or more people who do not speak the same language. Telephone interpretation connects you to a qualified interpreter who speaks the language and dialect you need in order to effectively communicate with your limited English…