Televised Emergency Briefings Require a Certified American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter

Utilizing an Unqualified American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreter is a Massive Risk: Hurricane Irma was an incredibly powerful category 5 hurricane. Affected areas include Cape Verde, Leeward Islands, Barbuda, Saint Barthelemy, Anguilla, Saint Martin and the Virgin Islands, Greater Antilles, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Turks and Caicos Islands, The Bahamas and Eastern United States especially Florida.…

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Sign Language Interpreters at Concerts

Sign Language Interpretation at a Heavy Metal Concert: Numerous videos have recently gone viral exhibiting the amazing talents of sign language interpreters hired to perform at concerts. Their visualization of sound is allowing deaf community members the chance to enjoy live music of all genres. Not only are sign language interpreters providing an invaluable service,…


When is it Best to Work With an On-Site Interpreter?

On-Site Interpretation, The Best Form of Interpretation: Before there was over-the-phone (OPI) interpretation and video remote interpreting (VRI) there was on-site interpretation. On-site interpretation is considered the best method of obtaining the most accurate conversion of information from one language into another. This is because on-site interpretation is conducted face-to-face allowing for the advantage of…


Website Localization 101

Website Localization, Marketing on the Next Level: Website localization is a marketing tactic that is rapidly gaining popularity amongst businesses who want to reach diverse target audiences. The internet is a vast platform that allow people to connect with others despite the time zone or region in which they are located. With this tool at…